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erasure theneon
Artist: Erasure
Title: The Neon
Genre: Electronic / Pop
Release Date: 21st August 2020
Label: Mute Records

Album Review

Thanks to Vince Clarke’s early eighties credentials, ERASURE have always been the Pop band it’s ok to like. But to be fair, after four decades and with no sign of packing it all in, they must have been getting something right along the way. Perhaps it’s their unique mix of unpretentious reflections that does it, mirrors of life’s little dramas and joys and anxieties, thrown this way and that. In and amongst the flamboyance and the sheer joyous abandon, there’s melancholy and paranoia, for every unembarrassed declaration of love, is a peon to loss, death and heartache. ERASURE are important because they don’t go for the big gesture - they’re the pop band it’s ok to like, sharing the ups and downs and laughter and tears that all of us share. And here they are again, reunited after a couple of years working on solo projects, doing what they do without a hint of weariness or obligation.

‘The Neon’ kicks-off with first single ‘Hey Now (Think I Got A Feeling)’ a bouncy, exuberant three and a half minute romp that certainly does not sound like the work of two men knocking on the door of 60. Andy Bell’s voice has an edge to it now that wrings out a few extra drops of bluesy soul when needed, and it’s a great song - pop hit by numbers without sounding tired or manufactured. Which is Vince Clarke’s forte and clearly something age has not diminished. ‘Nerves Of Steel’ and ‘Fallen Angel’ have all the twists and turns ERASURE do so well with melody, all leading to a mighty chorus, but subdued, fully aware you don’t need to throw the kitchen sink at a song to make it great. ‘No Point In Tripping’ wriggles darkly into earworm territory, and by ‘Diamond Lies’ it’s clear there’s no deadwood floating, unloved, here. Things go ballad-shaped for ‘New Horizons’ before picking up and twirling you around gently again on ‘Careful What I Try To Do’. And closing song ‘Kid You’re Not Alone’ is pure gorgeousness, without being sickly or cloying. It’s more classic ERASURE.

In a sense, ‘The Neon’ is exactly what you would expect, and that’s a good thing. Approach it purely as a pop album and it will give you exactly what you want - ten beautifully crafted, instantly memorable songs laughing, crying and dancing long enough to give everyone some escapism from what has been a terribly difficult, emotionally draining year. Not a vaccine, but certainly good therapy.


01. Hey Now (Think I Got A Feeling)
02. Nerves Of Steel
03. Fallen Angel
04. No Point In Tripping
05. Shot A Satellite
06. Tower Of Love
07. Diamond Lies
08. New Horizons
09. Careful What I Try To Do
10. Kid You’re Not Alone


Andy Bell
Vince Clarke

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erasure theneon


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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