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fla airmech
Artist: Front Line Assembly
Title: AirMech
Genre: Industrial / Soundtrack
Release Date: 16th November 2012
Label: Dependent Records

Album Review

The side projects of FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY’s mastermind Bill Leeb are countless… and somehow the newest release of FLA called ‘AirMech’ seems to be such a project. ‘AirMech’ is a free downloadable multi-platform game in which players can choose to support the developers by purchasing upgrades and enhancements. “The first thing I thought of was trying to get music that sounded like Front Line Assembly. I figured I should at least try and contact the band on the off chance they would be interested in talking with us,” said Carbon Games director James Green.

Due to the fact that the music for a game would be more like a soundtrack, it becomes clear that ‘AirMech’ is an instrumental album. Although the vocals are “lacking”, the release is typical for Bill Leeb and FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY: twelve songs of wide and atmospheric soundscapes, evoked by several orchestral parts lead into impulsive and sometimes interlaced beats… In fact, there’s a certain remembrance of DAFT PUNK’s ‘Tron:Legacy’ soundtrack. There are certain parallels within the approach to a prospective world or the creation of an ambiance that fits the game play.

But even without playing the game ‘AirMech’ will do the job, I’m pretty sure! The songs are quite perfect for clubs and are a pleasant relief to all those countless (and exchangeable) club hits nowadays! Even with a “soundtrack” FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY are able to outclass a lot of “modern” industrial band in this day and age! Awesome!


01. AirMech
02. Arise
03. Pulse Charge
04. Prep For Combat
05. System Anomaly
06. Mech Killer
07. Everything That Was Before
08. Lose
09. Burning Skyline
10. Stealth Mech
11. Death Level
12. Prime Empiricism


Bill Leeb - vocals, synthesizer, programming
Chris Peterson - synthesizer, programming, engineering
Jeremy Inkel - synthesizer, programming
Jared Slingerland – guitars
Jason Bazinet - (live) drums

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fla airmech


Music: 9
Sound: 10
Extras: -
Total: 9.5 / 10

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