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tanzwut weissenaechte
Artist: Tanzwut
Title: Weisse Nächte
Genre: Folk Metal
Release Date: 16th September 2011
Label: Teufel Music

Album Review

After five years of being on the road without releasing anything TANZWUT are back with two albums. Five years is a big term, and many things happened. There is too much news: Teufel, the vocalist, released his solo-album, musicians in TANZWUT are new, and now the band separated into medieval and rock bands. However, in spite of completely new line-up, this band is still does its best and plays great folk rock. Well something changes, but something stays the same forever. In July the album by medieval band TANZWUT called ‘Morus et Diabolus’ was released. About two months later their rock album ‘Weisse Nächte’ appears in music stores. So let’s see, what kind of show the jester Teufel prepared for us this time. First of all a quick look to the instruments: of course, brand vocal and lot of bagpipes (four), bass, two drums including e-drums and keyboards. It doesn’t seem much different to the previous set of the instruments, except for lack of traditional ones as tromba marina, riesentara and shawm. As Teufel described the album himself, it was rock with rich guitars and sounded close to previous TANZWUT’s albums ‘Labyrinth der Sinne’ and ‘Ihr wolltet Spaß’.

The album opened by the title track ‘Weisse Nächte’, which will immediately rock your socks off. This song makes every night as bright as “white nights” in St. Petersburg. There are other hard and dance songs, for example, ‘Gift’, ‘Ein wahrer Spielmann’, ‘Folge Deinem Herzen’ or playful ‘Königin der Nacht’. This kind of songs is full of ardour and prevails on the album. They will surely encourage people for devilish dances on the concerts and parties. Of course, there are ballads too, like ‘Bei Dir’ or ‘La filha dau ladre’. Sad and thoughtful piece ‘Wenn der letzte Vorhang fällt’, inspired by the movie “Dead Man”, brings some philosophic mood. Teufel is a great actor and storyteller. Thanks to his charismatic and artistic singing, it is quite easy to imagine a meeting with the Queen of the night or a Jester, who will dance, until his heart jumps out of his chest. The verdict will be predictable, with the accompaniment of his good friends with bagpipes and guitars Teufel recorded another fine album by old kind TANZWUT. Bagpipes rock is alive!


01. Weiße Nächte
02. Wie Phönix aus der Asche
03. Gift
04. Bei Dir
05. Ein wahrer Spielmann
06. Rückgratreißer
07. Du bist nicht Gott
08. Wenn der letzte Vorhang fällt
09. Folge Deinem Herzen
10. La filha dau ladre
11. Königin der Nacht
12. Pest und Teufel


Teufel – Vocals
Martin Ukrasvan – Guitar
Der Zwilling – Bass
Shumon – Drums
Jagbird – Keyboard
Ardor – Bagpipe
Thrymr – Bagpipe


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tanzwut weissenaechte


Music: 9
Sound: 10
Total: 9.5 / 10

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