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With their fusion of industrial, medieval and everything in between, TANZWUT are always a band worth checking out, but with a recent and significant line-up change we thought we'd catch up with them and see what's coming up in the next year on the crazy and exciting planet TANZWUT. Here's what lead singer Teufel and co had to say...

Reflections of Darkness (RoD): Hi! The new line-up looks exciting, can you briefly tell us how it came about that the new members are new members?
Tanzwut: This year, some old members left the band due to missing interest in rock music, so they’d rather wanted to concentrate on other projects. Thus, I found myself forced to find new musicians as TANZWUT means a lot to me and I did not want to let the band die. Left over from the old line-up are Martin Ukrasvan (guitar) and Der Zwilling (bass). Since summer we have been reinforced by Steve the Machine on drums. For playing the bagpipes, Ardor could be won back again who used to be a member of TANZWUT until 2009 and newly added was Thrymr. The band is completed by Jan playing e-drums and keyboard. I am glad to have these great musicians by my side who stand behind the band and are pretty flexible as they all master more than one instrument. Therefore we can also tour as pure Acoustic-Medieval band with 5 bagpipes and 2 drummers.

RoD: Cool. I know you've recently been into the studio, how is that going, can we expect a change of direction due to new blood being brought into the group?
Tanzwut: We will definitely keep on doing Medieval-Industrial-Rock. It’s natural that the music of a band changes in the course of time and also the influence of the young musicians can surely be felt but the general tendency will remain.

RoD: It's nice to see Ardor back onboard, is he enjoying his revisiting of TANZWUT?
Tanzwut: I think he’s happy to be on the move with us as part of TANZWUT again. Even before his break TANZWUT was closer to his heart. And he just belongs to us.

RoD: Can you tell us a little about the backgrounds of the new members musically?
Tanzwut: We’ve an interesting potpourri of musicians now. Some have been on tour for many years and can look back on a wide musical background. Others are being musicians for just a few years now and of course do not have such a great experience. The result is a musical mixture with roots in Punk, Medieval and Metal music.

RoD: Okay. When you go about writing for an album is that done on a democratic basis where everyone chips in with ideas, or is it more structured and certain people have writing responsibilities whilst others are only musicians and not writers?
Tanzwut: Surely there will be differences in the studio as some musicians are pure studio musicians and fewer composers. But it’s also our first album together where structures in some cases have to be found and developed. We take our time for it and can certainly talk about it again when the album was released.

RoD: I see, I'll look forward to that! When roughly can we expect to catch sight of the finished product?
Tanzwut: We don’t want to put ourselves under any pressure and will take our time for developing the album. But it will be released in 2011, that’s for sure.

RoD: Where does TANZWUT as a band go from here? What are you most looking forward to in the next 12 months?
Tanzwut: We want to make a good album and grow together as a band, play many concerts and festivals. Go on building up our Acoustic-Medieval show and being on tour with it. These are our main targets for the upcoming year. Furthermore of course always having fun and enjoying life.

And they move on laughing...


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