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tanzwut eselsmesse
Artist: Tanzwut
Title: Eselsmesse
Genre: Medieval/ Folk
Release Date: 6th June 2014
Label: AFM Records

Album Review

German formation TANZWUT was founded in 1998 and for almost sixteen years of the existence the band has released several albums and singles and has played a lot of concerts attracting the attention of fans of medieval and industrial metal all over the world. My introduction to TANZWUT music started with their latest acoustic creation entitled ‘Eselsmesse’. Actually I like acoustic in general but the medieval one is something really unusual. So the album starts with a sinister cover picture and no less sinister intro, when the sound of a hand bell comes out of the silence, getting more distinct and supported with some exclamations.

But of course we’re not going to judge the record by its cover and intro and the following full-length track is a good example of folk music: rather energetic instrumental one just maybe too long or not too diverse. Anyway the main melody begins to irritate in some time yet finally it changes with the next song which turns out to be more powerful, interesting and this time with the vocals. So the timbre is definitely good for such kind of music, making the whole picture more saturated but not everyone will appreciate it so let’s get down to music. And the composition entitled ‘Saturnalia’ attracts an attention. Again it’s an instrumental track but more expressive and even danceable, maybe made just for dances at a medieval fair that calm down when there starts ‘Lux Hodie’.

‘Rhoslese’ pleases with its tunefulness and harmony standing out against the previous pieces. ‘Unsere Nacht’ also deserves to be marked out thanks to the female vocals that finely supplemented the thing and everything sounds beautiful and somehow positive I would say. However the album contains thirteen tracks and as it may become clear from what was written above, the instrumental compositions alternate with the voice ones, and the music itself is a bit too medieval or maybe not too melodious as it feels like some songs consist of separate elements spoiling the harmony. Nevertheless ‘Eselsmess’ will interest devoted fans of the genre or those who don’t mind the lack of heaviness.


01. Intro – 0:48
02. Asinum Chorum – 3:57
03. Der Eselskönig  – 3:19
04. Saturnalia – 3:34
05. Lux Hodie – 3:37
06. Rhoslese – 3:31
07. Unsere Nacht – 3:54
08. Siria – 3:16
09. Gregis Pastor Tityrus – 3:33
10. Par Deus – 3:40
11. Orientis Partibus – 3:37
12. Briesel Occultum – 4:35
13. Zieh mit mir – 4:23


Teufel – Vocals, Bagpipe
René – Guitar
Der Zwilling – Bass Guitar, Bagpipe
Pyro – Bagpipes
Thrymr – Bagpipes
Shumon – Drums
Oually – Keyboard, Drums

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tanzwut eselsmesse


Music: 7
Sound: 8
Total: 7.5 / 10

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