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VolbeatRockhal, Esch sur Alzette, Luxembourg
28th November 2022
Volbeat - “Servant Of The Road” World Tour

With their new studio album, the Danish Metallers VOLBEAT are currently on tour this autumn. On Monday evening, they stopped in Luxembourg and thrilled their fans with a breath-taking live show.

Described by Louder as “titanic heavy metal riffs colliding head-on with rock ‘n’ roll groove,” the fans received a mix of VOLBEAT classics, deep cuts, and fan favourites from throughout their storied career, including their acclaimed latest album ‘Servant Of The Mind’. With the new songs from the now eighth album, which was released in December 2021, the Copenhageners, who have long been a cult in their home country, rocked the Rockhal on an impressive stage.

01. The Devil’s Bleeding Crown
02. Pelvis on Fire
03. Temple of Ekur
04. Lola Montez
05. Last Day Under the Sun
06. Fallen
07. I Only Want to Be With You / Ring of Fire
08. Sad Man’s Tongue
09. Wait a Minute My Girl
10. Black Rose
11. Shotgun Blues
12. Seal the Deal
13. The Devil Rages On
14. Slaytan
15. Dead but Rising
16. The Sacred Stones
17. Die to Live
18. For Evigt
19. Still Counting

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All Pictures by Elena Arens

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