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introKaminwerk, Memmingen, Germany
21st October 2015
ASP & Spielbann

ASP just released their new album ‘Astoria 1: Verfallen’ which is now promoted on tour where ASP is supported by SPIELBANN, a band from the same label with several cooperations between ASP and them. They presented as well their new album ‘In Gedenken’ where ASP takes part in several songs.


The gothic rock band SPIELBANN is now on tour with ASP to play several songs that are created in cooperation between those two bands. Both new albums came out on the 16th October 2015. SPIELBANNS first album ‘Schwesterchen Frost’ came out in 2013 and was supported by ASP as well, so it was just a question of time when both bands will play live together. SPIELBANN consists of Seb Storm (vocals), Nic Frost (vocals), Spyke Sinister (E- and acoustic bass), PI (drums, percussions, loops), Lias Schwarz (E- and acoustic guitar, backing vocals). /


Music & Performance
The band came on stage and immediately started with the first song from their new album to introduce a new era. The combination of Seb’s harsh and dark voice and the clear and lovely singing voice of Nic is great! It shows the light and the dark side, the love and the death that is a main topic of their songs. Unfortunately there was a little problem with the acoustic and but the sound engineer reacted fast and the band kept the mood on a high level. With animating shouting and a nice little speech it felt like there was no technical problem. The show went on and the crowd was amazed, loud and dancing. The band asked after a couple of songs if the atmosphere is good and they took a selfie, always a nice moment on concerts.


In the end, lead singer Seb was thankful for the great time and especially for the nice work of the sound engineer who had his birthday that day. So everyone sang a heartfelt “Happy Birthday“. SPIELBANN knows how to thrill the listeners and they gave an awesome warm up show for ASP. But their performance was more than just that.

01. Auferstehung
02. Geister die ich rief
03. Gottesknecht
04. Schwesterchen Frost
05. Die Weiße Frau
06. Die Bestie deiner Welt
07. In alle Ewigkeit

Music: 8
Performance: 8
Sound: 9
Light: 9
Total: 8.5 / 10



ASP is known for their stunning live shows. Harmonious light shows, fitting to the songs and a great stage presence of every single member of the band are only two of the remarkable facts about the live gigs. It’s thrilling to see the facial expressions, hear the overwhelming voice of ASP and how you can see the emotions that he is feeling while singing the all known good songs and the new ones. The tour is meant to promote the new album, ‘Astoria 1: Verfallen’, which came out only a couple of days ago on the 16th October 2015. ASP is Alexander “Asp“ Spreng (vocals, programming), Lutz Demmler (guitar, keyboard, E-bass, mandoline) Sören Jordan (lead guitar), Andreas “Tossi“ Gross (E-bass) and Stefan Günther (drums). /


Music & Performance
ASP played the instrumental part of ‘Dröhnen aus dem Keller’ as an intro till everyone came on stage and started then with ‘Wechselbalg’. Afterwards they talked to the audience and welcomed them to the smallest concert on tour. ASP ensured that these circumstances won’t be any problem and indeed the fans made enough noise by singing and shouting as there were twice as much people in the hall. After ‘Kokon’, ASP introduced a new rule on concerts. When he says “Spring“ (jump), everyone has to jump. That was a nice subtle transition to one of the new songs ‘Kreuzweg’. There was also a nice little hint to another new song, when he talked about the merchandising that is available this evening. Then the crowd danced to ‘Souvenir, Souvenir’ one of the hardest and fastest songs that the band ever made. The Fans sang together with ASP, they danced, it was getting hot and the atmosphere was stunning. The band showed again that they are one unit and everyone impressed with their stage presence.


Unfortunately Asp forgot parts of the all known song ‘Und wir tanzten’ but that was no problem! The listeners sang the missing phrases and ASP was able to catch up quickly. He rewarded everyone with his very powerful voice and an amazing performance to this song. So, nothing happened here! Asp showed his appreciation and told that every year is getting better and better. It shows that you have not to sell your soul for mainstream to get full concert halls. He was thankful for the past years and SPIELBANN who support this tour. To emphasize the great synergy between this two bands, Nic from SPIELBANN came on stage and they sang a song together. Then ASP has left the band and the fans were definitely not tired. They wanted some additional songs. After shouting the typical “Eeeoo“ as an reference which song the people wanted to hear, that band came out and of course, they performed ‘Ich bin ein wahrer Satan’.


ASP was quiet jealous how persistent the fans are but they were still not finished! Three songs afterwards the concert was over, everyone was exhausted but happy and the song ‘Fortsetzung folgt…’ promises, that ASP will return soon…

01. Dröhnen aus dem Keller
02. Wechselbalg
03. Kokon
04. Kreuzweg
05. Denn ich bin dein Meister
06. Souvenir
07. Astoria
08. Loreley
09. How far would you go
10. Und wir tanzten
11. Sündige heilige
12. Demon Love
13. Schneefall in der Hölle feat. Nic from SPIELBANN
14. Werben
15. Ballade vom schwarzen Schmetterling ( und ich Tanz auf deinem Grab )
16. Schwarzes Blut
17. Per Aspera ad aspera
18. Angstkathedrale
19. Ich bin ein wahrer Satan (because of the actual news / criticism of the government)
20. Ich will Brennen
21. Rücken an Rücken
22. Fortsetzung folgt

Music: 10
Performance: 9
Sound: 10
Light: 9
Total: 9.5 / 10


All pictures from the show in Oberhausen by Daniela Vorndran ( /

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