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introChristuskirche, Bochum, Germany
25th March 2015
ASPs von Zaubererbrüdern - Zwielichtgeschichten

After both sold out tours in 2008 and 2010, the acoustic programme with the raven feather is back on stage again. What was planned as a singular unplugged show tour of the gothic novel rock band ASP developed not only into a successful concept throughout the years but it has also become a distinct ensemble surrounding mastermind Asp Spreng. With the Christuskiche in Bochum, the perfect location was found.

Conceptionally brought into life by singer and songwriter Asp and developed into an independent band together with CHAMBER co-founder Ralph Müller (guitar), ASPS VON ZAUBERERBRÜDERN indulge in handmade music in acoustic couture. They are supported by Asp's indispensable ASP band colleague Tossi Groß with his bass who has also demonstrated to be a perfect vocal completion of Asp's remarkable voice. Katharina Kranich, who has stroked the bow many times for ASP and CHAMBER over the years, provides for a warm cello sound. Active in myriad bands and projects is rock violinist Ally Storch who accompanies ASP regularly since 2006 on stage and in studio productions. Multi-instrumentalist Thomas Zöller, Germany's first and only learnt bag pipe player, complements the ensemble not only with the bag pipe but also with the hurdy-gurdy, harmonica and flutes. The septet is perfected by Stefan “Huky” Hukriede's rousing rhythm foundation who has proved himself in countless folk rock bands und who has expanded his musical repertoire by many percussive elements for ASPS VON ZAUBERERBRÜDERN. http://www.vonzaubererbrü /


Music & Performance
For the stop in Bochum, two shows were scheduled due to the high demand and both shows were sold-out. We visited the first day. When arriving at the venue, lots of the ASP fans were waiting outside the door. In the venue, only seats were available and the temper in the church was more like a classical concert or in a theatre. And just like in a theatre a gong announced the beginning of the show, the light was dimmed punctually at eight and the musicians entered the stage, followed by ASP who was bringing along a big old songbook which was put on a desk. The show was started with ‘Zwielichtgestalten’ and right from the start the audience was charmed by the charismatic performance and the bewitching ambience in the venue. You felt that the artists on stage really love what they are doing, presenting their songs in a pure acoustic dress, supported by decent lights and great backdrops behind them. So the overall atmosphere was perfect for this kind of concert. Also the sound is very well mixed. In-between the songs, there were several little stories or poems presented and there was always time for a little joke.


The musicians played their instruments in a virtuoso manner and ASP sang the songs soulfully and dedicated. The temper in the crowd was great; the people were singing along with the songs and applauded in-between. There were of course not only the calm songs, there were also pieces where people were standing up to celebrate and sing along. The main set finally ended with ‘Ballade von der Erweckung’ and Asp with his band left the stage. Of course the crowd requested an encore and the band came back to perform three more songs. Altogether it was a really a nice evening for all ASP fans in a charming location with great musicians who know how to handle their instruments, great sound and perfectly adjusted lights.

01. Zwielichtgestalten
02. Beschwörung
03. Wechselbalg
04. Der Knochenmann, das Vöglein und die Nymphe
05. Rüstzeug
06. Baldanders
07. Duett (Das Minnelied der Incubi)
08. Schneekönigin, wohin
09. Biotopia
10. Nie am Tage
11. Das Beil (Inchtabokatables Cover)
12. Stille der Nacht
13. Krabat
14. Denn ich bin der Meister
15. Zaubererbruder
16. Ballade von der Erweckung
17. Windrad
18. Werben
19. The Mysterious Vanishing Of The Foremar Family

Music: 8
Performance: 9
Sound: 9
Light: 8
Total: 8.5 / 10


All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( /

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