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Title: My New Time
Genre: progressive/ symphonic metal
Release date: 07- 05 -2007 (EU)
Label: Metal Blade



The other week, when I received a copy of Autumn’s ‘My new time’, I saw in Veronica magazine, a Dutch TV magazine a very short review of the album. I was quite surprised at first, because most ‘normal’ magazines will stay away from anything metal unless its Within temptation, and even then they usually don’t know what they are talking about. On second glance I must have decided somewhere on the way that Autumn has evolved itself quite well. I have hears a few new songs live already and then I noticed the chances in the music. The older mystic sounds are gone. No more witches and Camelot, it was time for a fresh breeze in the Autumn repertoire. Even though the band is afraid of losing fans, they decided to go their own way. In the last couple of years the band has had quite some line up changes, leaving for now only 3 out of 6 members still working with Autumn. The brothers Van der Valk (also known with bands like Cantara and Seizure) wrote practically all the lyrics on ‘My new Time’, and the album is mixed and mastered at Split second sound. Well, now got curious so I think it is time to play the CD and listen!


Nienke de Jong: vocals
Jens van der Valk: guitar/backing vocals
Mats van der Valk: guitar/backing vocals
Jerome Vrielink: Bass
Jan Munnik: Keys
Jan Grijpstra: Drums


Review per song

01. Satellites - 4.32
The track begins not so low but quickly moves into an up tempo rock song. The mystic is created slightly by the combination of Jan’s keys and Nienke’s voice. She sings very soft and introvert and well as very extrovert. This song has a high sing-a-long potential. The quite intermezzo gives the tracks its emotional moments and a moment to catch your breath. It ends quite sudden. Sounds like they are just starting a new riff, but then the song is done already.

02. Closest friends conspire – 3.49
With its more emotional tunes this song seems to be not so cheerful as the opener on ‘My new Time’. The guitars are darker and deeper on this track and give both the guitar players a chance to show a bit of themselves. The solo in the middle is a very nice add to the track. Nienkes singing is a bit flatter every now and again.

03. Blue Wine – 4.27
Starts with a musical intro and continues, while the vocals come up, to remain a more progressive song. Especially the guitar solo’s that hold throughout most of the song add to this idea. The modern use of Nienke’s voice is something that will help with this. At almost the end of the song Nienke is recorded twice and she is singing a duet with herself.

04. Angel of desire – 4.38
This song starts slowly with only a slim sound of a guitar and an almost ritualistic drum on the background. As it involves into a full bodied sound some of the older Autumn sounds are recognisable. This also happens while the first part of the song is sung. Remember the ghostly atmosphere on ‘summers end’. It’s more modern and progressive, but I hear some old Autumn. 

05. My new Time – 3.47
My new time starts faster and uses full guitars, and nice electronic tunes to life up the song. The fast drums make the whole track one of the fastest on the album. Since it is also the title song you might think this has something with the way would like to present them selves.

06. Communication on Opium – 4.39
Slower and due to the background that is filled with a constant key sound the track creates an atmosphere that will suck you into a parallel world. The energizing guitars lift this atmosphere up a bit, but overall it feels heavy on your skin. The end is filled with a very soft voice of Nienke and acoustic guitar for most of the time, as the song slowly fades.  

07. Twisted and Turned – 4.18
And as slowly as ‘Communication’ fades into infinity, twisted and Turned slams into the room right away, this track is more compact, is made of one piece of music.

08. Shadowmancer – 4.02
This song is also faster and for the first time on this album I feel like in this track the music is build around the lyrics instead of the other way around. With a quiet intermezzo the energy of the track is builds up again, with simple drums and a quick base.

09. Forget to remember – 4.41
a quiet and slow intro with only a guitar and Nienkes voice makes a nice start. It gives some time to get ready for the rest of the song that is also not extremely wild either. Also this tracks is much more progressive hen most fans will be used to. It also contains a high level of sing-a-long.

10. State of mind – 5.26
State of Mind starts with a heavy guitars and spooky keys that’s remind me more of the older work from Autumn, this feeling stays throughout the song. Besides this the track doesn’t vary too much in the beginning. The end is closed with a slow guitar that is fading. Jan Grijpstra co wrote the lyrics for this track.

11. Epilogue (what’s done is done) – 4.07
The despair in this song is coming out very well because of Nienke’s higher voice and the background singing (which I reckon are done by Jens van der Valk, correct me if I’m wrong). While is takes some time until this song really creates a certain rhythm. Because of the piano at the intro of the song, and also in the end this song has turned into a real story. The slow ending prepares you to get out of you chair a grab a new CD. Or press repeat of course!


Total playing time: 48.30
Extras: -

Cover picture


Music: 8
Sound: 9
Extra: -
Total: 8.5


Autumn has gone on to a new path. Because of this it is not possible to compare them to their older work, which I still tried somewhat tried to do, to give you an impression. The most part of the album is more progressive. With some tracks the emotion seems to be missing, and its more of a sing-a-long funky song. Besides this the entire CD is mixed very well, this you may compare to ‘Summer’s end’. The different layers in the music are audible with having all the music torn to pieces. I very much recommend ‘State of Mind’ since I’m just more into the darker and deeper stuff. But I must say ‘angel of desire’ and ‘Satellites’ really also have their charm. With this new album Autumn is placed on the map again. And I will support them even though I think it will be on the more mainstream map.
This song is also faster and for the first time on this album I feel like in this track the music is build around the lyrics instead of the other way around. With a quiet intermezzo the energy of the track is builds up again, with simple drums and a quick base.


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