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E-Werk, Cologne, Germany
Cradle of Filth, Moonspell

As bizarre as the band itself, are their fans. So more than 2000 people with black and white painted faces made their way to see "Cradle of Filth" in Cologne.

Concert Report

I must admit that I usually don´t really listen to the music that was expected for that night. But I´ve heard of the very cool show and so I decided that it would probably be worth to have a closer look. And I really wasn´t disappointed after the show!


The Portuguese band "Moonspell" was supporting "Cradle of Filth" during their "Nymphetamine" tour 2005. Moonspell are Fernando Ribeiro (vocals), Mike Gaspar (drums), Ricardo Amorim (guitars), Sérgio Crestana (bass guitar) and Pedro Paixão (synths and samplers). Their latest Album "The Antidote" was released in 2003.

From the first second on, hammering drum beats and brute force guitar sounds clang through the hall. And the fat sounds wouldn´t stop until the end of the set. It seemed that the sound engineer did a very good work, as there were no dissonances during the show.

Even though the audience was waiting for their heroes "Cradle of Filth", "Moonspell" had a very good start as opener for that concert evening. In front of a skull background, they heated up the audience. Fernando seemed to conjure the audience with his "voodoo" cane on which´s end a skull was mounted. A firework of energy floated from the stage through the audience where a lot of people started headbanging to the music. The lights harmonized very good with the beats of the music. During the final of the last song, Fernando grabbed 2 drumsticks and started striking at the drum set besides Mike. Soon it was pretty obvious that "Moonspell" were the ideal warm up act for "Cradle of Filth".

Music 8
Performance 8
Sound 8
Light 7
Total 8 (7,9)


Cradle of Filth

"Cradle of Filth" are surely one of the most important black metal bands. Just on tour with the new album "Nymphetamine", they promised their audience an incredible show. People on stage were Dani Filth (vocals), Paul A (guitar), James Mcilroy (guitar), Dave Pybus (bass guitar), Martin (keyboards), Adrian (drums) and Sarah (backing vocals).


If you call "Moonspell´s" guitar sounds brute force you have to characterize "Cradle of Filth´s" guitar play as brutal and murderous. Heavy guitars are mixed with softer synth sounds and beating drums. Besides the music, the show is borne by Dani´s voice - sometimes a deep grunting then again high screams. During some songs, Sarah´s singing complements Dani´s voice.


Before starting to have a closer look to the show, the stage is worth a closer description: In the back of the stage there were 3 huge screens, built up to look like big gothic church windows. Inbetween and besides them there were 4 candle holders where artificial flames burned. A podium for the drum set was built up in the middle of the stage. On each of its sides there were 2 podiums, which you could enter from staircases.
The show can be called fantastic from the beginning to the end. One highlight haunted another one. Dani Filth may be small in size but he is big and incredible on stage, being the one the show mainly lived on. The show started with dimmed red and yellow lights, 2 gargoyles appeared from the smoke and took place on the 2 podiums besides the drums. These fantastic monsters creeped all over the stage during the first songs, while the band sunk deeply into its songs.
Sometimes the concert seemed to be a black mass, where the followers courted their master. Like in the moment when Dani thanked "Moonspell" for their support, with the song "Tortured soul asylum". The stage was tainted with shades of blue, lilac, red and green; with glimmering white spots inbetween. People were screaming, waving hands and started crowd surfing; while Dani was all over the stage... even on the drum podium.
One of the show highlights was surely the song "Nymphetamine". One of the gargoyles accompanied a red haired lady, walking onto stage. Her only clothes were some leather underwear and some latex overknees. 2 panels of drapery were released from the ceiling high above the stage and the lady climebed them, to show some daring feats high above the band. After that song, sound and lights exploded to create an even more intense mood, while the audience was going mad and started headbanging all over the hall.
Dani´s announcement: "This is fucking Germany, the home of fucking metal!", and then the song "13 autumns and a widow", from the album "Lovecraft & white hearts" started. "Time to play some old shit?" Of course! While the song "The black godess rises" clinked through the air, the lady came on stage again - this time wearing a bat-like dress - to climb up a rope, which was turned by some guy, so that the lady span in the heights above the stage.
Short after this, the main set was over and the lights were dimmed down. A cataclysmic drone started and an immense, about 3-4m tall monster enters the stage reaching out his bony arms into the audience. In front of a bloody red illuminated screen, the band started the final.

Music 8
Performance 10
Sound 8
Light 9
Total 9 (8,8)


E-Werk, Cologne

One of the most famous concert venues in Cologne, The E-Werk grasps about 2500 people max. It´s divided into the main concert hall, and a bar and snack area.

Food and drinks
3 bars - one outside the concert area and 2 inside - as well as a place where they sell some snacks, care for the people. The prices seem to be a bit more expensive, but that´s quite common for Cologne, being a big city.

The Stage is surely more than 10m wide and also deep. Because of the quite big main area it is quite sure that you don´t have a good view to it from all places... especially when you´re not that tall.

Audience area
The audience area is divided into two parts - the main area which grasps about 2000 people and a gallery, which spans from the back side to the left side of the concert hall. There is a bar on the left side, in the main area, and another one on the left side of the gallery.

Very seldom you meet such a nice and helpful stuff. The security was well aware how to handle the audience. A big advantage.

Venue accomodation (8)
Staff (8)
Total 8

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