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Metropool, Hengelo, The Netherlands
4th May 2006
Anathema, The Wounded
When I found out that Anathema was playing again I couldn’t do anything else but going. A week before May 4 this concert was interspersed, but still a lot of fans found out that Anathema and The Wounded were going to play. Anathema had just returned form their 2 weeks tour, supporting the Finnish band HIM during their tour in England.

The Wounded

Wounded never has been a band that chose the easiest way to create their intense and emotional music. They never chose the easy way to just please listeners who became fan of their unique sound, style and philosophical lyrics. From their debut "The Art of Grief" (2000) and the second album "Monument" (2002) until the last chapter "Atlantic" (2004) they've developed into a group of honest musicians who were never interested in making marketing a part of their musical concept.

Music and Performance
Unfortunately I missed The Wounded, because of a huge traffic jam (does this only happen to me???). When I finally arrived there was still a large queue outside Metropool, that made me get in during the last notes of the gig. I heard that they had played a magnificent gig.


The band was formed in summer 1990 in Liverpool by Daniel Cavanagh. They started as Pagan Angel in line-up: Darren White - vocals, Daniel Cavanagh - guitar, Vincent Cavanagh - guitar, Jamie Cavanagh - bass, John Douglas – drums. After a lot of line up changes the band is almost in the same line up again, except for Vinnie who has also taken over the singing part and ex-keyboard player Les Smith who joined Anathema 2000. Their music has developed from dark metal to melodic metal, with big Pink Floyd influences.
The audience already got wild when they heard the first tones of the intro. It has been almost a year ago since Anathema visited our country for a full concert (Danny (guitar and backing vocals) and Vinnie (vocals) visited our country last December for a solo gig) and you could tell by the reaction of the crowd that it was definitely too long. They started off with ‘Shroud of False’ followed by ‘Fragile Dreams’ and  ‘Closer’. It was great to hear that new songs were exchanged with older songs and even ‘Sleepless’ (from the ‘Serenades’ album, 1993) was played. The highlight of the concert for me was when they played ‘Eternity, part 3’, a songs that they didn’t play for quit a long time. The sound during the whole gig was very good and the instruments were well tuned. They ended the first set with the emotional song ’Flying’ were you can see Vinnie (vocals) drown into his own world. When sitting onstage I even saw his leg trembling. The concert was closed with a cover from Nine Inch Nails, called ‘Space’. A lot of the people present were expecting ‘comforably Numb’ by Pink Floyd, so this was a great surprise.

When Anathema entered the stage and saw the almost fully loaded venue, the ambiance was set immediately. Vinnie (vocals) and Danny (guitars and backing vocals) greeted the audience and told us that it was so very nice to play in a smaller and more personal venue again after touring big sold out venues with HIM. During the concert a lot of jokes were made and there was a lot of contact with the audience. Off course Les (keys) again made a joke out of Vinnie (vocals) by producing a fart sound with his keyboard when speaking to the audience. Jamie spend a lot of his time on the front of the stage making contact with the fans, which was greatly appreciated. At the end of the show Vinnie introduced the cover ‘Space’ by Nine Inch Nails when suddenly John (drums) disappeared backstage. When coming back after 5 minutes it seemed that he had to loose Mr. Wincky or else he would have left him through his trousers. So when John (drums) got back, they closed the concert and another magnificent concert of Anathema was printed into the fan’s minds.

01. Shroud of False
02. Fragile Dreams
03. Empty
04. Lost Control
05. Balance
06. Closer
07. Eternity, part 3
08. Leave No Trace
09. One Last Goodbye
10. Hope
11. Judgement/ Panic
12. Temporary Peace
13. Flying
14. Angelica
15. Sleepless
16. Space (Nine Inch Nails cover)

Music 9
Performance 9
Sound 8
Light 6
Total 8 

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