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oomph xxv
Artist: OOMPH!
Title: XXV
Genre: Pop-Metal
Release Date: 31st July 2015
Label: Universal

Album Review

So hard to believe, it's been twenty-five years already. OOMPH! have been doing quite well through all the years. Never listen to stubborn fans who want only old stuff, or only the new works. Let the music speak and follow your heart. OOMPH! managed it AGAIN to record a great album and proved they are one of the best bands today.

Each OOMPH! album is a special piece of work with its unique sound and experiments. It makes not much sense to compare their records to each other. But it would be quite useful to listen to their albums in the context of the time and cultural situation of each particular decade or even year. OOMPH! absorb all the trends on musical scene, digest them and let the amazing result out. On the one hand it might seem like they only chasing the popular themes. However in this hunt for something new and popular they manage to find the best of it and wrap it in a recognizable style. This time they tried out more pop-metal tunes. Dero keeps experimenting with his vocals. Never tired of it! No more scary creepy whispering and low frequencies. Dero sings clearly and loud... and in German, which is always a pleasure to listen to. Crap and Flux provide the wall of the vibrating guitars and keys which cause the goose-bumps.

The pop-culture has always influenced OOMPH! For the note of those who miss the very first albums, when the band got the title „Kings of Industrial“, that time industrial was as mainstream as pop-rock today. So the first thing you need to learn from OOMPH! is to keep on living, keep on developing yourself and try new things. This time the leitmotif of the whole record would be “shades of grey“, as Dero called it - fourteen shades of love. But if you are a die-hard fan, in their songs you will still hear the all-times themes – live today, don't spend your life for false things and keep on fighting for your dreams and your life... oh, and never fall into the outer beauty – it might be cruel and painful Can't wait to hear it live! The band is taking off for the tour in October.


01. Dein Retter
02. Alles aus Liebe
03. Jetzt oder nie
04. Als wärs das letzte Mal
05. Mary Bell
06. Jede reise hat ein Ende
07. Unter diesem Mond
08. All deine Wunden
09. Fleisch und Fell
10. Tick Tack
11. Nicht von dieser Welt
12. Spieler
13. Zielscheibe
14. Leis ganz leis


DERO - Vocals, drums
CRAP - Guitars, keyboards
FLUX - Guitars, samples

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oomph xxv


Music: 10
Sound: 10
Total: 10 / 10

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