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intro nachtmahr D4S4526 kleinKulttempel, Oberhausen, Germany
28th September 2018
Nachtmahr, SynthAttack & DKAG

As part of their “Widerstand Tour”, Nachtmahr paid a visit to Oberhausen last Friday. Before the show, there was a fan meeting with the band where you could talk to the band members, get stuff signed and of course, pictures were taken. NACHTMACHT brought two support acts with them, namely DKAG and SYNTHATTACK.


DKAG use Electro, Tech, Hard Trance and Noise influences to create an energetic combination of aggressive bass and dark intense soundscapes which pumps energy directly to the dance floor. A successful opener for the evening with a 30 minutes set.

01. Intro
02. Incite
03. Zero Day
04. Weapons Grade Bass
05. Accelerate
06. Deception
07. Dial Overdose
08. Slimelight Musik

dkag D4S4334 klein


True to their motto “Power Up Your Nightlife”, SYNTCHATTACK is playing cover versions and own songs which are influenced by genres Dark Electro, Industrial, Aggrotech and Harsh and combine hard beats with sweeping synths and strong vocals. Everything is danceable and the crowd loved the sound they got.

01. Intro + Harsh is Back
02. My Hell
03. Insomnia
04. Blood Dance 2.0
05. Into the Night
06. Straight to Hell
07. Life is a Bitch
08. Addicted to the Thrill
09. Final Salvation
10. One Love, One Pain

synthattack D3S7662 klein


With his Imperial-Industrial project NACHTMAHR, Thomas Rainer calls the war on the dance floor for the first time in 2007. Loud, bass-heavy, uncompromising and devastating in its force, the Austrian fighting machine mowed everything that got in its way. Love or hate, in-between for NACHTMAHR there is not even space for a sheet of paper since day one. After the debut EP, ‘Art is War’, the project quickly became a worldwide phenomenon in the following years. Every year, pieces like ‘Feuer frei!’, ‘Alle Lust will Ewigkeit’ and ‘Semper Fidelis’ are released and at least with ‘Unbeugsam’, they celebrated the 10-year existence of the band. As a guest on festival stages, NACHTMAHR climbed through a thicket of bands year after year and fought for a place. In 2018, Thomas Rainer opens a new chapter in the band’s history and proclaims new concert dates in Germany under the title “Widerstand”.

nachtmahr D4S4424 klein

Music & Performance
NACHTMAHR started into the night. They postulated their own state in the first song, in the second they wrote history and in the third they explained why. NACHTMAHR provoked with their songs and that’s exactly what fans love about them. Each title called for a rethink of one’s own action or at least asked why the sung word is so well received by the listeners. Of course the party hits ‘Mädchen in Uniform’, ‘BoomBoomBoom’, ‘Tanzdiktator’, ‘Can you feel the beat’ and ‘Katharsis’ were also part of the program. People celebrated, sang along and danced. NACHTMAHR knew to inspire their fans and have always reflected the content of the songs with their show. Whether the ladies on the sides waved the flags, played Doctor in a lunatic asylum or spanked each other’s butt in the best SM manner. A rounded concept with entertainment factor.

nachtmahr D4S4475 klein

01. Nachtmahr
02. Wir schreiben Geschichte
03. Weil ich’s kann
04. Antithese
05. Firmamanet
06. Kampfbereit
07. Tanzdiktator
08. Feuer Frei!
09. Gehorsam
10. Mädchen in Uniform
11. Helden
12. BoomBoomBoom
13. Dein Herr
14. Can you feel the beat?
15. Tempus Fugit
16. Kriegserklärung
17. Heilung
18. Katharsis

Music: 6
Performance: 7
Sound: 8
Light: 8
Total: 7.2 / 10

nachtmahr D4S4559 klein

All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( /

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