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reaper industrialheadbang april
Artist: Reaper
Title: Industrial Headbang
Genre: Electronic Music
Release Date: 1st July 2015
Label: Infacted Recordings

Single Review

Yes, this review was an April Fool. Read more here:

Promising a new single this year, the band REAPER has now told that the single ‘Industrial Headbang’ will be released on 1st July 2015 - of course on Infacted Recordings. When listening to it the very first time, I didn’t really start to listen to the lyrics as the music caught me totally. I started nodding my head, played along with the drums with some pencils on my desk and then decided that it would be time to freak out and dance. It has an 90s-techno-like bass line, a super catchy melody with breaks nearly as cute as the two band members Vasi Vallis and Gregor Beyerle are. Nearly, really. I mean, there is maybe nothing cuter than two men in blue shirts. But let’s get away from the obvious things: I do listen to a lot of electronic music and I never needed to quote any musician in a review but what Vasi Vallis said about the new REAPER single is just what came to my mind when listening “I put a lot of afford in the drum and bass line this time. I wanted it to sound more harsh than ever before, more evil, more dancy, more of everything.”

Goal achieved, I think. It is absolutely super catchy and I would recommend it to buy. Not only that the band had the brilliant idea to use samples out of their older tracks on the Skyla Vertex Remix to lead the dear listener back into the old REAPER world, no, the band put a lot of effort in remixing the track all by themselves. It’s a  pretty good thing, if you ask me. You don’t need to wait for the results and you know what you will get in the end. The best thing is the ‘Final Countdown Remix’ where Gregor and Vasi went totally crazy and created a world full of Glam Rock guitars, still this techno-like music arrangement and no vocals but repeating the tracks name ‘Industrial Headbang’ over and over in different tempos and using several voice effects. Also very creative: The ‘Tribute to Cordalis Remix’ where the guys use Greek instruments (Bouzouki) to create a summer feeling within an industrial track. A really rad thing in my eyes as it brings a lot of new vibes into this scene. Buy it! Dance to it! Complete your music collection with something fresh and unique!


01. Industrial Headbang
02. Industrial Headbang - Final Countdown Remix by NamNamBulu
03. Industrial Headbang - Miami Vice Remix by Skyla Vertex
04. Industrial Headbang - Tribute to Cordalis Remix by Frozen Plasma


Vasi Vallis
Gregor Beyerle


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reaper industrialheadbang april


Music: 10
Sound: 10
Total: 10 / 10

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