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Vasi Vallis from Frozen Plasma & Reaper

Travelling around to review shows is always a good option to interview some people and so I caught up Vasi Vallis of FROZEN PLASMA at the SUICIDE COMMANDO Vintage show in Oberhausen. He was still owing answers about the new album, his image of being selfish or arrogant and about starting an own record label. Be kind to our English, it was close to midnight, I already had five hours of travelling to the venue with a lot of 90s music and he already had to do some work as REAPER.

So we've both been tired but as I promised to do the interview with him after the show and as he promised to answer whatever I would ask, we did our job and had some special guest singing an own version of a MODERN TALKING song. Oh, we have Torben Schmidt of Infacted Recordings in the background too, a glass full of glitter and questions and finally you can see Vasi killing my cell phone. If you want to know why, you have to watch this video.

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