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frozenplasma dekadenz
Artist: Frozen Plasma
Title: Dekadenz
Genre: Future Pop / Synth Pop
Release Date: 27th March 2015
Label: Infacted Recordings

Album Review

For 10 years now, they've been standing on big and small stages, they urged festival audiences to dance for revolution or wrote club hits overnight. Sometimes songwriter Vasi Vallis gets sneered at by his colleagues for his songs, whereas band mate Felix Marc gets adorned by the ladies in the audience all the more. One thing has remained in all those years between 'Artifical' and 'Monumentum' and after two live records to the current record 'Dekadenz': catchy tunes. Whether they are dance floor hits or the tranquil, more quiet songs, the recognition value in the melodies and a list of choruses which won't leave your head even after eight hours of listening has stayed the same. I approached the record 'Dekadenz' with precisely this expectation. I expected catchy tunes. I expected what I consider 'cheeping' and what isn't 'cheeping' at all but much rather a happy melody. I expected melancholy, latent but still there. But most of all I expected a more or less distinguishable record.

Have I been disappointed? No. FROZEN PLASMA remain true to their style, I believe the amount of catchy tunes has been increased, offering a maximal potential of humming along even at the first listen. In contrast to their genre colleagues, Vasi Vallis and Felix Marc achieve to sell an idyllic candyfloss world with their melodies which is especially due to the bright synth sounds like in 'Rain', the occasionally appearing piano parts which do not sound like future pop at all but which refresh the sounds on the record. The melodic candyfloss world is accompanied by the usual thoughtful, sometimes deeply melancholic lyrics which leave the listeners with following knowledge behind: “the world, love, relationships – everything can fall apart, crumble, leaving one behind in mourning – but it always goes on somehow.”

The dance track 'Maniac' comes across as somehow super sexy. To be honest, this song has the sexy factor of DEPECHE MODE’s 'World in my Eyes'. Those who do not swing at least a bit their legs or start dancing immediately must be deaf. Even though one doesn't want to admit it because it doesn't fit the usual taste in music – 'Maniac' is danceable, sexy and invades the auditory canal up to a point where the stereo is put on repeat, joining 'Crazy', the infamous song which has made me abandon my review activity last summer for the freedom of dancing. Both songs need to be included in every DJ's repertoire after its release and every homely CD collection, on MP3 players for running and in the car so that the possibility of a traffic jam can be simply danced away.

The catchy tune 'Living on Video' comes from the 80s and hasn't been created by Vallis for once. We all know it, eh? We all have danced to it and even if it was only at the hyper-colourful 80s party in the village disco. The song has been changed a bit due to a small upgrade as there is not a lot that has to be done in order to lure people onto the dance floor with it. On top of that, Felix' voice gives the song a further kick. The FROZEN PLASMA version can compete with the original and is not only a cheap and uncreative copy.

A song for heartache moments is also to be found on 'Dekadenz' and it's called 'Haunting Memories'. The song starts off in a very melancholic fashion and with a very clear melody. Only later do further synth lines and vocals sounding like autumn rain come in, followed by another part sounding like ice-cold rain, blowing leaves and autumn wind along with cracking branches. Topping it with the crown of melancholy is almost impossible? Think again. A really catchy chorus and a bridge which ought be found as the definition for melancholy in every dictionary on top all of that. For everyone who hasn't gotten it and wonders why the song does not only sound melancholy but also different: as a matter of fact, Vasi Vallis has contributed his vocals to the song.

The melancholy continues with 'Saving this Moment' which becomes tangible sadness because of its piano parts. The musical suffering becomes real suffering. Simply close your eyes and drift away, you don't even have to listen attentively to the lyrics, simply follow the piano line thoughtfully until the song changes into the usual synth sounds, bringing us almost back to the beginning of the record: danceable melancholy with a mix of candyfloss melodies and gloom. 'Herz' should still be known among hard-core fans for its free download version. This song has also made it onto the new record. I have to personally admit that I like the 'Intersection Mix' better because it is more danceable. Of course the original isn't a boring piece of music but in comparison with the mix it's a bit slower and impresses with its videogame-like melody which cannot be found on the 'Intersection Mix'.

If the story of a past relationship, a breakup full of thoughts had a soundtrack it would be called 'Dekadenz'. From looking sadly out of the window, counting sheets, not knowing what to do up to the point where friends drag you out of the door in order to be more sociable, 'Dekadenz' has it all. You really have fun at this party and are able to forget for a while until you stand in front of your door again and see that picture in the hallway, this one particular object which makes you remember. Later at five in the morning, you stare sadly and resigned into your cup of way too strong coffee with 'Over and Out' in the background after a crazy night out. All those feelings and so many questions and trains of thoughts are represented by 'Dekadenz'. You only have to take the journey and have the bravery to close your eyes and go with it.

Already curious? An album pre-listening is online here:


01. Age after Age
02. Foolish Dreams
03. Crazy
04. Rain
05. Maniac
06. Faith over your fear
07. Living on Video
08. Haunting Memories (feat. Vasi Vallis)
09. Over and Out
10. Saving this Moment
11. Crash
12. Stare at the Moon
13. Herz
14. Saving this Moment (orchestral)


Vasi Vallis – lyrics, production
Felix Marc – vocals

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frozenplasma dekadenz


Music: 10
Sound: 10
Triggering Emotions: 10
Total: 10 / 10

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