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Vasi Vallis (NamNamBulu, Reaper & Frozen Plasma)

Usually you interview people once a year, but if you do more often there must be a special reason. And yes, we definitely had a reason to interview Vasi Vallis, mastermind behind FROZEN PLASMA, REAPER and NAMNAMBULU once again this year. And no, this time there were no questions about his ‘pretty blue eyes’ or his Borat suit. We were talking about what he’s musically doing since months and got a little view into his studio.

Reflections of Darkness [RoD]:Hey Vasi, I saw you’re moaning less in your Facebook posts and recognized you’re back in the studio. What’s going on there?
: I am working on three albums at the same time. FROZEN PLASMA, REAPER and NAMNAMBULU. As time flies by, I thought I should do anything possible before I’ll meet Elvis for the first time in heaven. The goal is, to release the FROZEN PLASMA album by end of March 2015, REAPER just a few weeks later and then the NAMNAMBULU album.

RoD: Seems like you’re planning to spam the world with Vasipop music until either everyone frozenplasmalikes it or starts to hate you for your music. Haha. What can we expect? Cheesy love songs? Catchy tunes? Or are you going back to your dance floor filling 90s music?
Vasi: Every single song I write is cheesy and catchy isn’t it? Haha. NAMNAMBULU is the hardest part as a lot of people expect something similar to ‘Distances’, which was released more than 10 years ago. But trying to reach expectations kills creativity, so to be honest there is no concept behind my actual songwriting with one exception. For REAPER I work together with Gregor Beyerle, who will mix and produce my tracks. It’s the first time I´ll work together with someone else for an album or even a single track. But Gregor is highly talented and we share the passion for music. The FROZEN PLASMA album will be a wild mixture of danceable catchy tracks like ‘Crazy’, romantic pathetic songs, mid-tempo synth pop tracks and some experiments.

RoD: Oh, I’m excited about the “experiments” and still hope for a comeback of ‘Provocation’ sounds maybe. But back to business: Releasing three records next year is quite namnambulua stressful thing. How will you handle it without freaking out cause of all the appointments, obligations, promotional stuff?
Vasi: If you are a freak already, there is no more improvement. Actually it causes no stress at all, being in a creative process. I guess everyone would agree on this: doing what you love to do is pure wellness. And here is the realty: Yes, it is stressful as you said: there is much more than just writing songs. Real life, friends, family. But the thing is, like a lot people I know, I need the deadlines to be as tight as possible to “function” so it’s a kind of therapy.

RoD: I know what you mean. A lot of musicians I talked to called their music and creative process therapy. I really wonder why we are so serious this time in our interview. I mean, last time we totally went over the top with questions and answers. People even complained about what we were doing. I remember last time we talked, you wanted my underwear. Do you still want it? If so let’s make a deal: You can have it the day you’ll fit in it.
Vasi: First to mention: No, now the underwear topic is old. And second: Do you fit in?

RoD: I still do. Fortunately. But what’s even more interesting than girl’s underwear or even my underwear? Your music. Do you have a little snippet to listen to?
Of course I have. Share it with your readers.

And here are some snippets from the new album:

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