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Rotunda Club, Cracow, Poland
24th March 2007
CombiChrist, Reaper, KLOQ, Controlled Collapse

The concert of COMBICHRIST, REAPER, KLOQ and CONTROLLED COLLAPSE got the status of one of the most important events this year long before the bands actually arrived in Cracow. Great line-up, very fine conditions secured by the organizers - Blue Moon Independent Agency - and the atmosphere of the whole event will surely be remembered by those who managed to come. This had been a second visit of COMBICHRIST in Poland and what comes to my mind is that they're definitely one of those bands that are most loved and appreciated.

No surprise then that they attracted quite a number of people who decided to take part in gigs and as far as I heard - there were no complaints afterwards - on the contrary - enthusiastic compliments and  words of appraisal - both towards the organizers and bands were heard all over the place. The band that opened the round of gigs was the Polish project CONTROLLED COLLAPSE.

Controlled Collapse

CONTROLLED COLLAPSE was established in 2003 by Wojciech 'kr-lik' Król. First material - a 4 track demo ‘d3m0’ - was inspired by HOCICO and VNV NATION, then in 2005 a limited edition (50 copies) CD-R EP called ‘HUMANIZATION DEMO’ followed. CC gave several concerts i.e. during Summer Darkness 2005. The band has recently released an album called ‘Injection’.

Not that much has changed since I saw them last time: they still play smashing, ravishing music that sparkles with energy while musically it follows the path marked by SUICIDE COMMANDO. Their sounds are catchy, danceable and dynamic combining great electronic power with a more industrial tint. In Cracow they presented the tracks of the new album ‘Injection’ as well as old ones, while scenically it was mostly the front man's show.

The scene was arranged in two rows – first belonged to kr-lik who - as always - was running on the edge of the scene and making faces to his audience, while his supporting musicians were in the background keeping a static back row. No elaborate lights or smoke this time - CC didn't surprise - as to them you may always expect dynamic sounds and a fair dose of energy, and... and whatever comes to kr-lik's mind. What should be said about the band though is that despite they lack some kind originality and novelty their technique is very good, they take from good sources, their inspirations are easily readable (and luckily enough they take from SC and not, say, Polish pop music). Then one big advantage of CC is that as far as their workshop is concerned they do really fine.

01. Intro
02. Insane asylum
03. Trust
04. Liar
05. Inject
06. Choice
07. Selfless
08. Dreams
09. Destiny

Music: 5
Performance: 5
Light: 4
Sound: 6
Total: 5


The idea of KLOQ formed somewhere in the 90s. Together with DJ Xavier Morel released the first KLOQ tracks on Atomic Reactor and Solstice labels.  These tracks were really the transition from EMPIRION (the previous bands Oz Morsley played in) to what the KLOQ sound is now. The music of KLOQ comprises of lots of mixing and creating something new much in style of electronics, electro and experimental.

One of the best concerts of the evening! It was an outburst of electronic strength, charisma and original arrangements - no surprise then that the people started dancing and listened with a lot of attention to what the duo had to present. KLOQ play music that is a mixture of trance elements with those danceable electronic ones which altogether gives a rather lively, stimulating effect. It either runs faster or slows down at times and all in all leaves an impression of a tide of changeable pace. It's easy to forget oneself while listening and let the tones carry you - that's the best advantage of their music. Plus an energy you get from their sounds - the effect of being positively inspired is really long-lasting.

First, there was only one man on the scene, playing fast, dynamic and very catchy tracks, then he was joined by the vocalist whose voice added to the destructive power of the performance - he was running all over the scene, established contact with the audience very nicely and what I must say - moved the audience in an extraordinary way.  Their music really made me think of something new, fresh and very vivid and ravishing. The front man was very self-confident on stage and like I said his relaxed manner and way of establishing contact with the listeners - effortless and natural - added to the positive impact the concert had upon the audience.

01. Ibiza
02. We're just physical - kloq remix
03. Connecting
04. Move forward
05. Push it

Music: 8
Performance: 6
Light: 5
Sound: 6
Total: 6.7


In 2005, Vasi Vallis, the author of the project REAPER released the first CD. The CD called ‘Angst E.P’ was planned as a side-project but became more important because of the split of NAMNAMBULU. It stayed in the German Alternative Charts Top Ten for 6 weeks and reached number 1 at the Dutch Alternative Charts. The recent album is called album ‘Hell starts with an H’. /

REAPER - like all the bands selected for the evening - performed very dynamic, lively sounds; the audience that had already been warmed-up started a real party by the stage, so the concert can be justly called a real knock-down. The music of REAPER is a blend of danceable, invigorating melodies and overpowering passages that are sure to move the bodies of the listeners. The emphasis seems to be on dynamism and not sonic destruction though, which element allowed us to stay safe and sound and watch the last concert.

In addition to energetic music the scenic part of REAPER’s concert should be mentioned: the musicians performed wearing elaborate make-ups that made enormous impression when they appeared on the stage in the dim red lights. Revealing great scenic power, Vasi Vallis made the audience react to his music highly vividly, so I suppose the people forgot to save vital strengths during the said gig. It was like a great dance floor riot extended from the scene to the audience, very energetic altogether.

Music: 7
Performance: 7
Light: 6
Sound: 7
General: 6.9


COMBICHRIST is a Norwegian group now working and living in the US. The music presented by the band could be described as Industrial. Started in 2003 by Andy LaPlegua (ICON OF COIL, PANZER AG), with its albums full of energetic, hard-hitting music it is a total knock-down at every concert or party. Their recent album is entitled ‘What the F**k is wrong with you people’ - and so, the recent tour was called ‘What the F**k is wrong with this tour’. Members of the band are (listing all, live-crew usually changes) Andy LaPlegua (music, vocals, production), Mr. Petersen (live control), Kourtney Klein (live drums), Syn M (visuals, live keys) and Shaun F (live keys). /

Musically we got what we came for: a dose of lethal electro / industrial in the most energetic version. Best hits - ‘Without emotions’, ‘I like to thank my buddies’, ‘Get your body beat’ or ‘This shit will fuck you up’ to mention just a few - made the crowd go frenzy; the sea of hands moving in a strobe light, thick crowd of people dancing, singing, yelling, stomping was  a really unforgettable sight.  I suppose all the people who came there could detect every little cell in their bodies and felt they are not dead yet. :) Imagine wild crowd yelling unison their favorite songs and demanding for more (there were two encores), jumping in ecstasy and scanning, well, that pictures the heat of the moment of COMBICHRIST gig. COMBICHRIST seem to give the Polish (and as I gather not only Polish) audience what they love: smashing power, dynamic, danceable, extremely catchy and a bit aggressive songs and a lot of enormous energy during the shows. And it worked, hell yeah, it worked! :)

The headliner of the evening COMBICHRIST - which is almost proverbial in Poland as the one to ALWAYS attract huge audience - didn't fail their fans. Andy appeared wearing make-up a bit like a shogun, and let me just say his show was a real juggernaut. He knows how to drill his listeners - running on the stage, spitting with water and pouring it onto the first rows, singing, screaming, and running wild. All that encouraged people to even greater frenzy. At times it was hard to tell between the stage and the audience so many hands were reaching towards the stage and so alive the wall of hands seemed to be. All that wreathed in changing, blinding lights and the overpowering music - the effect was a bit like of a crazy dream and a disco in an industrial windmill, or I should rather say, in an engine room.

Sometimes it looked as if the concert machine was running without control, but somehow we managed to keep our bodies (though not outfit) in one piece. The concert was enriched by great lights which altogether added to amazing atmosphere of the performance.

Music: 10
Performance: 9
Light: 9
Sound: 9
General: 9.4

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