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 D3S4368 kleinEssigfabrik, Cologne, Germany
29th October 2016
The Mission & The Awakening

THE MISSION are hitting their thirtieth birthday in style with a brand new album and an extensive tour. Back in 1986 the band were coming off a run of #1 independent singles, signing to major label Phonogram (now part of Universal Music) and going on to sell several million albums through the 90s before taking a break in 1997. The band reconvened in 2001 to begin a similarly successful career back in the independent world, releasing #1 albums in Germany and several European territories, touring the world and expanding their incredibly loyal fan-base from S. America to Asia. To celebrate their 30th anniversary THE MISSION set out on their most extensive and ambitious tour since they reformed in 2011. The tour started in Dublin on October 1st and includes the Whitby Goth Weekend on November 5th.

We visited the show in Cologne on 29th October at the Essigfabrik. The place was sold-out and about 1,200 people enjoyed a fabulous show, presenting of course several new songs but also classic fan favourites like ‘Tower of Strength’ (seeing the usual fan pyramids in the audience), ‘Butterfly on a Wheel’ or as very last song ‘Deliverance’. Celebrating 30 years of THE MISSION means also a little present and so, the band got a huge cake with thirty candles before the last encore. Also support act THE AWAKENING delivered a very good show. It was a fantastic evening which will stay in your memory for very long. And now, please enjoy our pictures from the concert.

The Awakening

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The Mission

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All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( /

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