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CoppeliusF-Haus, Jena, Germany
24th February 2023
Coppelius - “Jubiläumskonzertreise 1803 - 2023” - Support: Tales Of Nebelheym

Last Friday, COPPELIUS visited the F-Haus in Jena. The concert was part of the “Jubiläumskonzertreise 1803-2023”. COPPELIUS are a band with an impressively long history, whose first concert took place in Anno1803! Now, in 2023, we raise the absinthe glass in toast to a historic anniversary: 220 years of COPPELIUS! Not aged a day, the elegant gentlemen have remained true to their style, persistently wear frock coats and top hats and are the only chapel which even in these modern times still affords a butler. In this historic year there is also a new album by Messrs.

Tales Of Nebelheym

The Support band TALES FROM NEBELHEYM started this concert evening - and it was a great start. The audience was happy about this very good support band.

  • SPF_2280
  • SPF_2282
  • SPF_2286
  • SPF_2289
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  • SPF_2299
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Next band on stage was the headliner COPPELIUS who played a very good set this evening. As always. 200 years of experience is something! The band played songs from older records and also new songs. You can find a few impressions from this concert in our gallery.

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  • SPF_2480
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Silvio Pfeifer

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