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 D3S8527 kleinLive Music Hall, Cologne, Germany
24th May 2016
Travis & Chester Travis (Great Danes)

‘Everything at Once’ - That's the title of the new album TRAVIS released on April 29th. Shortly after the release, the Britpop rockers from Scotland were bringing their music to Cologne's Live Music Hall. TRAVIS are vocalist Fran Healy, bassist Douglas “Dougie” Payne, drummer Neil Primsrose, and guitarist Andy Dunlop, they've been around for over 25 year by now, wrote the evergreen ‘Why Does it Always Rain on Me’, and have been awarded best band at the BRIT Awards twice.

 D3S8431 kleinSputnikhalle (Café), Münster, Germany
19th May 2016
John Garcia (Kyuss) & Christian Heda Madsen (Bellhound Choir) – “An Evening with John Garcia”

On 19th May, Desert Rock legend John Garcia (KYUSS, Vista Chino, Hermano, Unika, Slow Burn) invited to an intimate unplugged club show, having kind of living room feel. His solo album was released in summer 2014 and is now presented live on stage. Of course, he did not only play songs from this solo record, but the best songs of his career from KYUSS over CISTA CHINO to SLOW BURN. His performance was supported by Ehren Groban on guitar.

 D3S6059 kleinKonzerthaus, Dortmund, Germany
29th April 2016
Get Well Soon, Sam Vance-Law & Cheri MacNeil

GET WELL SOON are playing indie folk rock that is “hugely romantic,” “allegorical,” and “full of drama, morning mist and night skies”. Their opus number four called ‘Love’ came out at the end of January this year and turned out quite poppy. While mastermind Konstantin Gropper was painting an apocalyptic scenario before, he speaks of survival now, from the power creating something new, he songs of love on his album number four.

 D3S2696 kleinMusik & Frieden, Berlin, Germany
28th March 2016
Reckless Love & Santa Cruz

The Finnish 80s Rock band finally came back to Germany! The band started their career with the name RECKLESS LIFE, under which they initially played covers of GUNS N‘ ROSES. Having had no success with this approach, they began to write their own songs, and won the Kuopio Band Competition in 2004. In July 2009, RECKLESS LOVE released their first single, ‘One More Time’. On 20th February 2010 the third single and second music video, ‘Romance’, was released. Four days later the debut album, ‘Reckless Love’, was out. 

jamesbay21Palladium, Cologne, Germany
18th March 2016
James Bay & Rukhsana Merrise

JAMES BAY is an English singer/ songwriter. In 2013, his first EP 'The Dark of the Morning' was published in Great Britain. It contained five songs of the artist from Hertfordshire. After that, he already appeared at the Glastonbury Festival and as support of the ROLLING STONES with their concert in Hyde Park. Finally, after the publication of three other EPs, his first studio-album was released in 2015 under the name 'Chaos and the Calm' which reached place 1 of the UK charts.

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