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epica thequantumenigma
Artist: Epica
Title: The Quantum Enigma
Genre: Symphonic/ Gothic Metal
Release Date: 2nd May 2014
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Album Review

EPICA is a Dutch Symphonic/ Gothic Metal band, founded in 2002. So far, they have released seven studio records and various other outputs like live albums, DVDs or singles. The band’s lyrics are concerned with society, philosophy and politics. EPICA’s style is defined by orchestral as well as harsh elements, which are joined by symphonic, clear female vocals, choirs and harsh, male vocals. ‘The Quantum Enigma’ marks the seventh studio record and was released at the beginning of May 2014, once again via Nuclear Blast Records. Following up on ‘Design Your Universe’ and ‘Requiem For The Indifferent’, EPICA maintain their own, distinct style and offer the listener over an hour of playing time.

On this album, EPICA combine dark atmospheres with more epic, orchestral parts or calmer, thoughtful elements. Not only does this become audible between different songs, like the energetic opener ‘The Second Stone’ or the grooving ‘Chemical Insomnia’, but also within a single song, like in ‘The Essence of Silence’ and ‘Unchain Utopia’. ‘Canvas of Life’, in contrast, is really slow and dominated by female vocals. In general, EPICA stick to their very own style and add a lot of details and effort to their music, which is underlined by a solid and clearly defined production. However, the album at times appears slightly too long and not innovative enough. Still, fans of Symphonic Metal will surely find their liking with this one.


01. Originem
02. The Second Stone
03. The Essence of Silence
04. Victims of Contingency
05. Sense Without Sanity - The Impervious Code
06. Unchain Utopia
07. The Fifth Guardian - Interlude
08. Chemical Insomnia
09. Reverence - Living in the Heart
10. Omen - The Ghoulish Malady
11. Canvas of Life
12. Natural Corruption
13. The Quantum Enigma - Kingdom of Heaven part II


Simone Simons  -  Vocals
Mark Jansen – Guitars, Vocals
Isaac Delahaye – Guitars, Vocals
Rob van der Loo – Bass
Coen Janssen – Keyboards
Ariën van Weesenbeek – Drums, Vocals

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epica thequantumenigma


Music: 6
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 7/ 10


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