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Huxleys Neue Welt, Berlin, Germany
12th December 2009
Doro, Krypteria, Merendine Atomiche

Even those, who never listen to heavy music have surely heard of DORO PESCH, the woman who has written a big chapter in the history of heavy metal, who - after 25 years on the stage - proves to be one of the most talented and successful musicians, still staying humble person, sincere and true to herself, her music and her fans. And it was a great event for me to experience this woman on the stage again.

Merendine Atomiche

The thrash metal band MERENDINE ATOMICHE from Italian city Cittadella was born in February of 1995. After some difficulties to build a steady line-up, the first demo album with four songs in Italian was released in December of 1997. In 1999, MERENDINE ATOMICHE recorded a METALLICA tribute album. In the following years, the band released a mini-album ‘The holy metal’ in 2000 as well as the full-length albums ‘Walk across fire’ in 2003 and ‘Raw’ in 2006. For the release of the new album, MERENDINE ATOMICHE, who had no label behind them before, signed with Locomotive Records and in April 2009 the new album ‘Rude Rebel Brotherhood’ was issued. The MERENDINE ATOMICHE is Luca Zandarin (vocals), Luca Securo (guitar), David Bisson (guitar), Dario Bianchi (bass) and Luca Cerardi (drums). /

Music & Performance
Shortly before this event it was announced that because of very high presales the concert was relocated to the Huxleys Neue Welt club - much better and bigger location than the primarily planned one. Although it is unusual for events in Berlin, especially on Saturday evenings, to begin in time, this concert started accurate at 9pm, so as I've arrived in the concert, the band MERENDINE ATOMICHE already played their first song. From the entrance to the concert hall I could hear the music and noticed the un-doubtful influences of PANTERA for MERENDINE ATOMICHE. But it was surely not just a copy of the Texan band. With their mix of hard guitar riffs, torn drum rhythms, surprisingly well fitting to Zanda's vocal, changing from deep growl to clear and strong singing, MERENDINE ATOMICHE is surely deserves attention from all fans of Thrash Metal in it's best tradition. Special gratitude is for Dario, the bassist of MERENDINE ATOMICHE, for writing down the setlist of the band!

01. In the cage
02. Helmet
03. Rude Rebel Brotherhood
04. Peace means war?
05. Hope
06. Roads and beers

Music: 8
Performance: 6
Sound: 8
Light: 6
Total: 7.1 / 10


German-Korean power metal band KRYPTERIA was founded in 2001 by Chris Siemons, Frank Stumvoll and S.C. Kuschnerus. Initially the three planned to do a fantasy-musical CD with different vocalists, so it was rather a pop musical theatre studio project. In 2003, the album ‘Krypteria’ was released. In December of 2004 the singer Ji-In Cho joined KRYPTERIA and the band took its current shape, so in many sources the 2004 is considered as birth year of KRYPTERIA. Before joining KRYPTERIA, Ji-In studied music and theology in Cologne and has gotten experience in performing on stage with several projects. The album ‘In Medias Res’ was released in 2005 and the single ‘Victoriam Speramus’ reached chart's number one in Ji-In Cho's home country South Korea. The next record of the band was the EP ‘Evolution Principle’ in 2006. In the same year, KRYPTERIA toured with DEEP PURPLE, SUBWAY TO SALLY, had a successful Wacken debut and blockbuster performance in Ho Chi Minh City. The next full-length album ‘Bloodangel's Cry’ was issued on January 19, 2007, which received a big acceptance between metal fans. On 28th August of 2009 the new album ‘My Fatal Kiss’ was released. KRYPTERIA is: Ji-In Cho (vocals), Chris Siemons (guitar), Frank Stumvoll (bass) and S.C. Kuschnerus (drums). /

Music & Performance
The stage crew on this tour worked with highest professionalism, the changeover was quick and only fifteen minutes after the end of the first performance, the lights gone out and movement on the stage announced the beginning of the next gig. The spotlights were turned on and in front of the audience, on the stage appeared Ji-In dressed in bright white wedding gown.

Already from the beginning of the first song, KRYPTERIA demonstrated metal of the best kind that obviously showed the experience of the last five years. The voice of Ji-In Cho sounded clear and unexpectedly strong for this delicate and graceful woman. All the other members of the band also had microphones, supporting her with their vocals, but surely even as a solo vocalist, the singer of KRYPTERIA can make perfect concert. At the beginning of the second song, Ji-In pulled out the white dress and turned into classical metal lady in black t-shirt and leather jeans. Additionally to her notable talent, Ji-In knows how to represent herself on stage and so it was real pleasure to take photos of this concert. Unfortunately the security workers considered the short break in the middle of the song for an end and photographers had to leave already after the second song. But the advantage of this lapse was that I could join the audience and enjoy this really cool concert. With the title song of the new album, ‘My Fatal Kiss’, KRYPTERIA finished their concert and I hope to see them again soon and take some photos in better light conditions, without harsh red spotlight, that is so extensively used in this club. Well, and unfortunately I've missed two names of songs, so the setlist maybe will be added later.

Music: 8
Performance: 8
Sound: 8
Light: 6
Total: 7.7 / 10


Doro Pesch is undoubtedly one of the most talented and successful musicians in the history of Hard'n'Heavy. Being in the 80-ies one of the first female singers in primarily a male-dominated genre, she always stayed true to herself and to her music with heart and soul. Doro started her music career in a band SNAKEBITE, but soon joined the German heavy metal band WARLOCK in 1983. After many line-up changes in WARLOCK, Doro Pesch stayed the only original member of the band. Between 1984 and 1987, WARLOCK released four studio albums. After some line up changes the band entered the studio at the end of 1988 and the new album ‘Force Majeure’ was released in February of 1989 already under the name DORO. In the next twenty years, DORO released 30 full-length albums, DVDs, best-of and live-CDs, worked with great persons like Gene Simmons from KISS and Lemmy Kilmister from MOTÖRHEAD.

Rapidly becoming a queen of heavy metal, DORO never stands still in her work, never rests on her laurels, not being afraid of experiment with the music, that she represented on the albums like ‘Machine II Machine’ (1995) and ‘Love Me In Black’ (1998), but always delivering 100% quality and power. The band DORO currently is Doro Pesch (vocals, songwriter), Nick Douglas (bass), Bas Maas (guitar), Johnny Dee (drums) and Luca Princiotta (guitar, keyboards). /

Music & Performance
It has been almost five years since I was on DORO concert last time. It will be in truth to say that I've grown up with her songs. Her band WARLOCK was one of the first heavy metal bands in my collection of cassettes - these strange things with magnetic band inside, unknown to the younger generation. Their songs, set in cassette player, served me as alarm clock every morning as I had to wake up for school. Well, it a long time ago, happily I don't have to go to school any more, but the music of WARLOCK and DORO has accompanied me through the last two decades of my life and so every concert of this wonderful woman is a special event for me. Multiple spotlights illuminated the hall. Covered with fog, the band and Doro Pesch with her white mane jumped on the stage and with fierceness of a hurricane started the first song ‘Earthshaker Rock’ from 1985. This small woman with a great voice has really extraordinary charisma that one can feel in her presence on the stage, in her manner of smiling in cameras during the concert, how she talks to her fans and how she performs on a stage, with full dedication and power.

With the next song, the classical ‘I rule the ruins’ from 1987 album, the hearts of older metal heads in the audience surely became a little bit warmer. After introducing these famous hits from the WARLOCK times, DORO performed a next song ‘Celebrate’ from the new album ‘Fear No Evil’. Doro Pesch jumped down from the stage, singing before the first row of the fans, head banging with them. The songs on this evening were very good arranged to please those fans, who know the songs of WARLOCK like ‘Fight for Rock’ and ‘Metal Tango’, but also those fans, who love the softer side of DORO with ballads like ‘Love Me In Black’ and ‘Für Immer’. At the classical hit "All We Are", Doro jumped down from the stage and let the people in the audience sing the refrain with her. In the middle of the concert the song "Haunted Heart" overflowed in energetic five minutes drum solo of Johnny Dee and after that the "Haunted Heart" continued again. To the end of the concert, DORO didn't went backstage to wait for encore shouts, but asked the fans, which sings they want to hear. Some man asked her for ‘Herzblut’ from the new album, saying that he want to dedicate it to his daughter.

And the three other were performed on the request of the fans. During the whole concert it was obvious, that this warm hearted attitude to her audience, this enjoyment to play on the stage before thousands of her fans - all this was not just a part of artistic image, but a true and sincere approach to those, who stayed with DORO during these 25 years. And surely this sincerity and this friendliness made Doro Pesch to the worldwide famous and loved musician as we know her today.

01. Earthshaker Rock
02. I Rule the Ruins
03. Celebrate
04. Burning the Witches
05. Night of the Warlock
06. True as Steel
07. Above The Ashes
08. Metal Racer
09. I Lay My Head upon My Sword
10. Für Immer
11. Haunted Heart
12. Drumsolo
13. Haunted Heart
14. Fight for Rock
15. East Meets West
16. Burn It Up
17. We Are the Metalheads
18. Breaking The Law
19. All We Are
20. Always Live To Win
21. Herzblut
22. Hellbound
23. Love Me in Black
24. You're My Family
25. Metal Tango
26. Running from the Devil

Music: 10
Performance: 10
Sound: 9
Light: 8
Total: 9.6 / 10

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