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santahatesyou jollyroger
Artist: Santa Hates You
Title: Jolly Roger
Genre: Electro / Industrial / Gothic
Release Date: 12th August 2011
Label: Trisol

Album Review

Only a year after the release of the previous EP 'P.A.N.I.C.', SANTA HATES YOU launch their warship again. And it is no wonder, considering that it’s ever creative Peter Spilles who is behind this project (and as a front man of PROJECT PITCHFORK he doesn’t really need introduction) together with his invigoratingly sensual Italian accomplice in crime Jinxy. After defeating the clubs with ‘Crucufix Powerbomb’ and spreading 'P.A.N.I.C.' among everyone trying to rebel against their rein, this time this German-Italian duo decided to take them at sea.

From the very first track, SANTA HATES YOU mercilessly navigate their fleet to the place one would rather escape by all means, nevertheless as the title says ‘Pack Your Bags Honey, We’re Going to Hell!’ But according to Peter Spilles, who indulges the listener with his unprocessed unique row vocals, the hell is not so terrible as it is painted: “What’s a little eternal damnation compared to tons of radiation? What’s a little eternal fire on the side compared to slaughter and genocide? What’s a little demonic ass-spanking compared to starvation and investment banking?” Sounds pretty persuasively and optimistic in SANTA HATES YOU’s caustic way. Marching rhythms, dark minimalistic arrangements and increasing tension perfectly suits the title and the opening position of the song. With the next track ‘Prepare To Be Boarded’ the band without further ado declares their rules and shows their true nature with the covering fire of pushing beats: “We are loud We’re obnoxious We are in your face We are loud We’re obnoxious We refuse to act our age”.

Gentle sounds of a music box melody are torn to pieces by the bloodcurdling scream that is trampled by uncompromising stamping beat that acquires support of the hundreds of marching feet trample and leaves you no choice but to obey and join the march led by Jinxy’s insinuating voice - ‘Nothing’s Gonna Be Alright’ possesses a great club potential, though the sequences in the refrain sound a bit too simple. The attack is in full swing with the massive ‘We Need You Alive’ where PS and Jinxy unite to sing in duo. Accompanied by harrowing taut synths, unprocessed Spilles’s voice, extremely edgy and emotive, appears again in the chorus of the highlight ‘The Monster In The Maze’ and soon is joined by seductive and beguiling Jinxy’s vocals, which certainly attracts a wider audience to the song. Vast surging up currents of cold sombre electronics flowing into ‘Fire The Cannon’ make it the darkest and most atmospheric track of the album. And right after this song the “adorably insane” duo immediately follows their own advice and fires their most powerful canon - the totally club compatible hit ‘Raise The Devil’, that will board your ears with its plain haunting melody and won’t leave your mind for a long, long time.

The next ‘Das Leben fügt Ihnen und den Menschen in Ihrer Umgebung erheblichen Schaden zu’ sounds much more experimental with recurrent structure, electronic guitar backing and dramatic declamation of SANTA HATES YOU style grotesque slogans. Juicy danceable sequences of ‘The Mad Scramble’ dilute the less dance floor oriented ending of the album. ‘Domina Mors’ leads the fleet into the calm of solemn chants, majestic gentle melodies and madly treated vocals, which treatment reminds of the first SANTA HATES YOU release ‘You’re On The Naughty List’. The interesting fact is that the lyrics of this song are actually an excerpt taken from "Hora Diaboli Ventura Est" by Anonymous (AD 1482), written in Latin. Insanity comes to a head on the last track 'Watch Out Motherfucker, I Know Karate' that features Brian Graupner of THE GOTHSICLES as a guest vocalist. For everyone who doesn’t know, Brian Graupner’s singing manner is, to put it mildly, extremely specific. But Peter Spilles possesses such an outstanding talent that he managed to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear and to turn the song into a hilarious asylum in SANTA HATES YOU fashion.

So, prepare to be boarded! Because this crazy maelstrom of turbulent beats, storming synths and wild vocals, spiced up with irresistible saucy steaminess, leaves you very few chances to withstand. This solid, stylish release would be a highlight in the discography of any other band, but for such strikingly talented musician as Peter Spilles it lacks a bit of remarkableness, catchiness and memorability.


01. Pack Your Bags Honey, We are Going to Hell!
02. Prepare to be Boarded
03. Nothing’s Gonna Be Alright
04. We Need You Alive
05. The Monster In The Maze
06. Fire The Cannon
07. Raise The Devil
08. Das Leben fügt Ihnen und den Menschen in Ihrer Umgebung erheblichen Schaden zu
09. The Mad Scramble
10. Domina Mors
11. Watch Out Motherfuckers I know Karate! (featuring Brian Graupner of THE GOTHSICLES)


Jinxy - lyrics, vocals
Peter "PS" Spilles - composition, lyrics, vocals

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santahatesyou jollyroger


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 8 / 10

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