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Jyrki69 (vocals) from The 69 Eyes

THE 69 EYES were formed back in 1989 as a Sleaze/ Garage Rock band. Over the years they’ve gained a following and recognition by the 1999’s release of ‘Wasting The Dawn’... presently they are about to unleashed their tenth album, titled as ‘X’ and Jyrki69 spared us some time in his very busy schedule to answer a few questions.

Reflections Of Darkness (RoD): You have a really great, genuine buzz about the new album ‘X’, can you tell us about this new album?
Jyrki69: It's the 10th 69 EYES album. And I think it's the best one we've done. We've never been more satisfied than now!

RoD: You’ve chosen Roman numbering to ascertain its position in your discography, I presume, but it can be of course taken as a mysterious and unknown point, something to figure out 69eyes2012 01within a great equation of life. Of course some of the buzz that is coming off you is that it feels you were truly inspired for it? What are these inspirations?
Jyrki69: Well, it can also be a symbol of a kiss in the end of a text message... Or an ex-girlfriend. Inspirations are the usual: dark winter nights, mysterious girls, movies, nightly airports, vampire TV shows etc.

RoD: I know it’s difficult to say as time is the ultimate proof, but which of this album’s songs will join your “classics” list do you reckon? A little prediction if you like...
Jyrki69: ‘Red!’

RoD: You’ve expressed that you have a good affinity to ‘80’s rock but also to Elvis Presley, this album seems to be showing affinity especially to the latter and the earlier roots of rock, if my hunch is correct, was this a matter of choice or something that resurfaced simply out of the creative process itself?
Jyrki69: We're just capable to write various kind of music and never limited ourselves. Sometimes these songs seem to come from through some time machine!

RoD: Some of the songs (‘Tonight’ (the world is not enough – Bond movie)/ I know What 69eyes2012 jyrkiYou Did Last Summer – maybe others in which I might have missed out the reference) from this album seem to be connected to films, why did you chose to word-play with the given films?
Jyrki69: "I know What You Did Last Summer" is a classic movie by now, but I actually just have always liked the title, so that fitted for the song. ‘Tonight’ has nothing to do with any movie.

RoD: You’ve a long career behind you, what are your highlights when you look back? What would you still like to achieve?
Jyrki69: This album is the latest highlight for sure! It would be cool to get our music to a movie or a TV series!

RoD: You must have seen great changes in the music industry over the years, what is your take on it all? How are things for your band in this climate of some rapid changes, in the industry, economic situation etc?
Jyrki69: THE 69 EYES has never been really a business orientated band. We've just done what have been the most fun and exciting for us! That's how we're still doing this.

RoD: You’ve a degree in Analytical Chemistry; some say creative arts and science don’t mix what have you to say to that claim? And which advances in science would you like to see in your lifetime?
Jyrki69: Green energy!

RoD: You guys flirted a lot with the Vampire lore, before the so much talked about films and TV series seized on it; you’re still into it all? What you think about what some theorise that lies 69eyes2012 05behind the fascination – be it the longing for a sexual surrender or submersion of identity? And having said that, have you ever wanted to visit the Bran castle if that’s not a daft question?
Jyrki69: I love True Blood! Vampires are Rock’n’Roll! What is the Bran castle?
RoD: A castle in Romania/border of Transylvania and Wallachia, connected to Dracula legend, and indeed referred to as ‘Dracula Castle’ [it was probably a daft question! : )]

RoD: What are your tour plans, what are your expectations of it?
Jyrki69: We will tour here in Finland for the latter part of this year and then start in Europe in January 2013. Then to the US etc.

RoD: Just to keep on with the matter of touring – what are your favourite spots, which cities are those that you always want to come back to?
Jyrki69: Rome, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Bogota, Leipzig, New Orleans!

RoD: Anything you’d like to say to your fans and listeners at this point?
Jyrki69: X!!!

Photos by Pauli Rouvinen

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