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Columbia Hall, Berlin, Germany
7th October 2007
Within Temptation, The 69 Eyes, Delain

The Columbia Hall called for a special event - again! Three of the best Goth-Metal / Rock acts should rock the location on this evening. And they did it! Without any detour! The hall was filled and we could feel the blitheness of the people in the air. The fans did wait a long time for that concert. Primordially WITHIN TEMPTATION should be in Berlin in April 2007. So everyone was in great expectation!


At first DELAIN from Netherlands entered accurate at 8:00 PM the stage. The founder of them is Martijn Westerholt, ex-keyboarder of WITHIN TEMPTATION, in 2002. Martijn left the band because of a heavy illness in 2001. The debut album ‘Lucidity’ was produced in 2005. Members of DELAIN are additionally Charlotte Wessels (vocals) and for live performances there are Ronald Landa (guitar), Ray van Lente (guitar), Robert von der Loo (bass) and Sander Zoer (drums).

Very good Goth-Metal-Sound filled the hall. The Opener was ‘Silhouette of a Dancer’. Front singer Charlotte Wessels fascinated the people with her forceful, clear-as-glass voice. The audience noticed their open character and their fun on stage. They presented ‘Shattered’, ‘Pristine’ and the powerful ‘The Gathering’ with heavy guitars and ascendancies from NIGHTWISH. ‘See me in Shadow’ gave big goose bumps. ‘Frozen’ was very atmospheric with a wonderful instrumental at the end. Charlotte was assisted by Ronald in singing. That gave their music a powerful touch.

The interaction of all DELAIN members was very professional. It was a little competition between Charlotte and the boys Ronald and Rob. But all of them won the head banging competition. It seemed every one of the band members had a lot of fun on stage. They played with the audience together. Charlotte wore a nice dress with a wide belt. Unfortunately the guitars, the drums and the voice of Charlotte became silent at 8:30 PM.

01. Silhouette of a Dancer
02. Shattered
03. Frozen
04. See me in Shadow
05. The Gathering
06. Pristine

Music: 7
Performance: 8
Sound: 9
Light: 8
Total: 7.8


The next stage time was reserved for the Helsinki-Vampires, THE 69 EYES. They started after a 30 minutes break for conversion.


While the old known intro ‘Cry little Sister’ sounded through the hall, Jussi69 (drums), Archzie (bass), Timo Timo (guitar), Bazie (guitar) and our Jyrki69 entered the stage. The fans welcomed them with two faces. While some of them where happy with the sound of the Helsinki-vampires, some others where fairly untouched in mind or legs. The EYES performed the latest single ‘Never say die’ and the song ‘Ghost’ which was performed not so often live. But songs like ‘The Chair’, ‘Feel Berlin’, ‘Devils’ und ‘Dance D’Amour’ were as always very welcome.

Jyrki stood sometimes at the drums of Jussy with wagging bum. The girls seemed to love it. The light was hot and Timo Timo left some beads of sweat on the floor of our stage. Front man Jyrki jumped a lot along the stage and made his own party. He dragged his equipment through the clime. It was a lot of fun to see them live.

01. Intro (‘Cry little Sister’)
02. Devils
03. Never say die
04. Dance D’Amour
05. Ghost
06. The Chair
07. Feel Berlin
08. Brandon Lee
09. Perfect Skin
10. Lost Boys

Music: 7
Performance: 8
Sound: 9
Light: 8
Total: 7.8


Finite! Finite! Finite! Everyone in Columbia Hall couldn’t await the first chimes of WITHIN TEMPTATION! Frenetic jubilance at 10:10 PM! The stage was wonderful decorated with many little things: lighted floral designs, a mystic background with shadows of steeples, big lions and atmospheric light. It was not the first time that WITHIN TEMPTATION set great store by their stage design.

Sharon, Robert, Ruud, Jeroen, Stephen and Martin are Metal, but melodic metal. A wonderful mixture between soft and hard music. This is the reason that the Dutch band has a lot of female and male fans. Their new album ‘The heart of everything’ is a musical advancement but still typical for WITHIN TEMPTATION. The quality of Sharon’s voice was super. It seemed to be from a playback but Sharon performed live really great and professional! She did a lot of work in the past few months, I think.

Front women Sharon enthused with a blue-green glinting corsage, a black skirt and 30-hole Rangers like on other concerts of that “The heart of everything”-Tour. Everyone at the audience liked that styling very much. And I never saw a show with so much energy and spirit! It was a real firework of new and old songs: i.e. ‘Our solemn Hour’, ‘Forsaken’, ‘Stand my ground’, ‘Mother Earth’, ‘What have you done’ and ‘The Heart of Everything’ made the people transpiring. The complete hall was jumping like bouncing balls! After the main set, of course the audience clapped for more! The last songs where ‘Deceiver of Fools’, ‘Memories’ and ‘Ice Queen’. A great evening for the audience and the band!

01. Our solemn Hour
02. The Howling
03. Stand my ground
04. Forsaken
05. The Cross
06. What have you done
07. The Heart of everything
08. Mother Earth
09. See who I am
10. Angels
11. Hand of sorrow
12. All I need
13. The truth beneath the Rose
14. Deceiver of fools
15. Memories
16. Ice Queen

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Sound: 9
Light: 8
Total: 8.9

All pictures by Nadine Ginzel

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