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Klubben, Stockholm, Sweden.
The 8th of February
The 69 Eyes, Tiamat, Support: The Mist Of Avalon

The Finnish band THE 69 EYES are currently working on their next album but are taking a break from the studio work and are out on a tour where they co headline with Swedish TIAMAT. When we were standing in the line outside of the venue waiting to go inside we heard several people talking about how great THE 69 EYES were the last time they saw them at Klubben and many seemed to think that it was a good and cool thing to see them as well as TIAMAT.

When the waiting outside the concert hall finally was over and the doors opened we were welcomed by the pre act THE MIST OF AVALON who were already on stage and started to play at once. This was the first time I heard this band and I liked their music, they did a good job with warming up the crowd before THE 69 EYES came on stage.

The 69 Eyes

I really like the feeling when the lights goes off and you hear the now famous intro ‘Cry Little Sister’ and then watch the band enter the stage, it’s some kind of magic. When I did the interview with the singer Jyrki before the show he told me that they were going to play the song ‘Stolen Season’ from the album ‘Blessed Be’. To hear this raised my hope for a set list with a mix of older and newer songs and I really got what I wanted! THE 69 EYES kicked off the show with the song ‘Framed in Blood’, followed by ‘Never Say Die’ and ‘Gothic Girl’. I liked that they played the song ‘Pitch black’ because I like it and it sounds good live.

The song ‘Stolen Season’ was great to hear live for the first time; it really is such a beautiful song. The second cool surprise was the fact that I also got to hear ‘Stigmata’ from the album ‘Paris Kills’. This is a song that I really like with its beat and energy and it sounded awesomely good live! ‘Brandon Lee’ and ‘Lost Boys’ got the crowd rocking. THE 69 EYES did a really good and confident show; you could tell that they liked to be back on stage. Jyrki’s darkly beautiful voice was good and strong, it really flowed through the songs. By the way the crowd acted it became pretty clear that many in the audience where there to see TIAMAT. They seemed to really enjoy seeing THE 69 EYES live but it was not the same feeling and energy in the crowd as last time they played at this venue. People were much calmer and seemed more into just to stand and listen to the songs.

01. Framed In Blood
02. Never Say Die
03. Gothic Girl
04. Rocker
05. Christina Death
06. Pitch Black
07. Stolen Season
08. Feel Berlin
09. Stigmata
10. Dance D´ Amour
11. Brandon Lee
12. Perfect Skin
13. Devils
14. Lost Boys
15. -

All pictures by Martina Törnemyr and Helena Torstensson, written by Helena Torstensson

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