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Key Club, Hollywood, CA, USA
6th October 2009
The 69 Eyes

THE 69 EYES are Finland's finest Vampire Goth rock group around and have gratefully returned to the U.S. to embarked on their latest tour in help with promoting their ninth album to date ‘Back in Blood’. Aside from this being their ninth album to date, THE 69 EYES have been around for some time getting their legion of fans from around the globe, and what's a better way than to celebrate with returning back to what they consider their second home, Hollywood, California!

Music & Performance
When it comes down to a concert what are the events that tend to happen? Well usually a set of bands performs and then there’s of course the headliner of the entire evening that performs last late into the night wrapping it altogether around midnight if not later. Then there are of course the party goers who like to relax and share stories and drink to help them feel more at ease, whereas the more heavier crowd set tends to take things to another level and cause an eruption of energetic proportions known as “mosh pits” or “crowd surfers”, in this case a mosh pit had taken place right up front of the minor heavily packed venue known as the Key Club on Sunset Blvd out in the forsaken streets of Hollywood.

But what is a “mosh pit” precisely - well it can be described as a group or single person that pushes other objects out of their way that being their way of enjoying the music. In some cases there are some people at these so-called concerts or as the headliners put it THE 69 EYES “rock show” - so what is there left to do but of course follow their instructions and rock out and have a good old jolly time right? You’re so wrong, at least that’s the deal for me, when the band broke out into those of lines of “rocking out” I did just that and my-oh-my did I have the best time, minus the little complaints I received but who cares it was well worth it. So as I was saying, I attended last night’s show that hailed to the Helsinki Vampires that had returned to the sunny but lately chilly California terrain.

Taking their Finland inspirations and blowing it totally out of hand - causing the man that brought them here of course Bam Margena to cause even more chaos as he briefly came atop the stage as the band was wrapping everything all together. But before the band could finish lets return to the beginning, of course the usual opening acts did there thing and then the headliners THE 69 EYES, had performed for a solid hour and a half set list that consisted of the new, old, and ancient tracks taking them back to when they first broke out into the music scene. ‘Brandon Lee’, ‘Gothic Girl’, ‘Feel Berlin’, ‘Devils’ and more newer hits ‘Dead and Gone’, ‘Dead Girls Are Easy’, and most favourite ‘Lost Boys’ just to name a few. Returning back to Bam Margera’s comments before the band had finished up for the night, he came up and said some words then walked off as the band returned to the stage and rocked out two more tunes before calling it a night, when it was all said and done, the moon outside told what was to become of that night and it was the night the Vampires had returned from the dead.

01. Back in Blood
02. Never Say Die
03. Lips Of Blood
04. Gothic Girl
05. Suspiria Snow White
06. Dance d'Amour
07. Kiss Me Undead
08. Feel Berlin
09. Dead N' Gone
10. The Chair
11. The Good, the Bad & the Undead
12. Brandon Lee
13. Dead Girls Are Easy
14. Devils
15. Perfect Skin
16. Lost Boys
17. Deuce

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Sound: 9
Light: 9
Total: 9 / 10

All pictures by Natalie Perez

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