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Harry B James, Stockholm, Sweden
26th August 2009
The 69 Eyes - Acoustic performance

THE 69 EYES spent a couple of days in Stockholm, Sweden, to promote their new album ‘Back in Blood’. On Thursday they were part of the Swedish radio station Bandit’s party at the club Harry B James where they did an acoustic performance. On Friday, the new album was released in Sweden and in the morning the band did some interviews (I had the pleasure of doing an interesting interview with Bazie that are coming online soon!) and in the afternoon they were signing copies at Inkbash at the Münchenbryggeriet. Later on when day became night, the Helsinki vampires had a release party at the nightclub Rocks. For more information please visit

Music & Performance
I have seen THE 69 EYES perform live a couple of times before but never seen or even heard of the band doing an acoustic performance before and so, of course, I got curious when I learned that it was a part of their pr trip for their new album ‘Back in Blood’. The club / restaurant Harry B James was very crowded when I got there, the band was scheduled to come on stage at 23:00 CET and after some waiting Jyrki, Bazie and Archzie came on stage and began the set with ‘Never say die’, ‘Gothic Girl’ and ‘Brandon Lee’. It was cool to listen to the band this way and I think the songs they had chosen for the night worked well. Jyrki said that they had never played the song ‘People are strange’ before, they should have done it but well… I like their version of the song and enjoyed to hear it acoustic. A lot of you that know your vampire movies recognize that the song is from ‘Lost Boys’.

Next came the first single ‘Dead girls are easy’ and it was interesting to hear this one live for the first time and I look forward to see the band when they return back from their tour in the Us and are ready to kick of their tour in Europe! During ‘Perfect Skin’, Jyrki changed some in the chorus to “you’ve got a Stockholm style”. One of the song I liked best this night was THE 69 EYES cover of THE RAMONES song ‘I just want to have something to do’ which was a good way to finish the set I think.

01. Never say die
02. Gothic Girl
03. Brandon Lee
04. People are strange
05. Dead girls are easy
06. Perfect skin
07. I just want to have something to do

Music: 7
Performance: 8
Light: 3
Sound: 6
Total: 6.6 /10

All pictures by Helena Torstensson

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