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C IMG 3762Fortress Königstein, Königstein, Germany
16th August 2014
VNV Nation & Head-less

Enjoying our ride to Fortress Königstein on a sunny Saturday afternoon, we started to sing along PLACEBO songs and ended up laughing because this music wouldn’t really fit to what we would be listening to in a few hours. When we arrived, we finally made our way to the entry of Fortress Königstein. It was more or less a bit of climbing but the beautiful view over the landscape made it really worth it.


Supporting VNV NATION on this show, HEAD-LESS did a good job. It started raining right after they were starting their show but the band took it with humour and went on playing. I don’t know why but singer Rene Hentzschel looked to me like a cover version of Dave Gahan and Steve Naghavi. A totally wet but hand-clapping audience danced to the EBM and Synth Pop like music of this support act. So if you can make people dance and clap their hands when it’s raining and make them forget they’re totally wet, your show must have been quite good. /

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Performance: 8
Sound: 8
Light: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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VNV Nation

Founded in 1990 by Ronan Harris, releasing several albums, club hits such as ‘Honour’ or ‘Beloved’, VNV do count to the mostly known bands in the electronic music scene. The word “Future Pop” is automatically connected to the band’s name and often appears when other artists tell their musical influences. By now VNV NATION has released twelve albums in total with the newest one released in 2013 called ‘Transnational’.

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Music & Performance
The rain stopped right before VNV NATION entered the stage, so the band got a wet but warm welcome from the audience. I was really doubtful if it would end in an evening full of ballads or in songs to dance to as I hadn’t seen them life since years. Having some sound and light problems till ‘Illusion’, Ronan and his band mates gave their best to entertain the people who were fighting rain and feeling a bit cold. A crowd of five or six people next to us were celebrating and dancing a lot, while the rest still needed a bit of time to feel less frozen. My favourite part of the concert was when ‘Control’ was played and everyone around me was either clapping hands or dancing the cold away. Another fun thing was when Ronan wanted the “Lady with the tiara” to come in front and he borrowed her tiara just to make his band mate Mark Jackson look like a pretty princess.

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In conclusion, VNV NATION blew my doubts away, it was an evening made for dancing and having fun. Watching the people’s faces when leaving Fortress Königstein, seeing how happy they were with the songs the band played makes me really hang on to my opinion.

Performance: 9
Sound: 9
Light: 8
Total: 9 / 10

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