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DSC 4446Rockhal, Esch sur Alzette, Luxembourg
14th September 2022
Helloween & Hammerfall - United Forces Tour” 2022

The “United Forces Tour” 2022 called alliance is not only the full HELLOWEEN experience, on top the fans will enjoy fine Swedish steel out of the HAMMERFALL forge. Both bands had brand-new albums in their luggage and the Luxembourgish fans were able to listen to the new songs live for the very first time on the “United Forces Tour” 2022.


HAMMERFALL is a Swedish Power Metal band from Gothenburg. The band was formed in 1993 by ex-CEREMONIAL OATH guitarist Oscar Dronjak. The band name is taken from the song ‘Lucifer’s Hammer’ by the US band WARLORD, which contains the lyric line “The hammer will fall on you!”. HAMMERFALL’s style has been influenced by the heavy metal of the 1980s, with the influence of HELLOWEEN being particularly noticeable. Others see parallels to JUDAS PRIEST, MANOWAR and ACCEPT in their music. To show their roots, some tracks have also been recorded for tribute albums by HELLOWEEN, DIO and TWISTED SISTER.

01. Brotherhood
02. Any Means Necessary
03. The Metal Age
04. Hammer of Dawn
05. Blood Bound
06. Renegade
07. Venerate Me
08. Last Man Standing
09. Hero’s Return / On the Edge of Honour / Riders of the Storm / Crimson Thunder
10. Let the Hammer Fall
11. Glory to the Brave
12. (We Make) Sweden Rock
13. Hammer High
14. Hearts on Fire

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HELLOWEEN is a German Power Metal band founded in 1984 in Hamburg by members of bands IRON FIST, GENTRY, SECOND HELL and POWERFOOL. Since its inception, HELLOWEEN has released 16 studio albums, three live albums, three EPs and 30 singles, was honoured with 14 gold and six platinum awards and has sold more than ten million records worldwide. HELLOWEEN has been referred to as the “fathers of Power Metal”, as well as one of the so-called “big four” of the genre’s early German scene, along with GRAVE DIGGER, RAGE and RUNNING WILD, and as one of Power Metal “big four” overall, along with BLIND GUARDIAN, SABATON and DRAGONFORCE.

01. Skyfall
02. Eagle Fly Free
03. Mass Pollution
04. Future World
05. Power
06. Angels
07. Metal Invaders / Victim of Fate / Gorgar / Ride the Sky
08. Heavy Metal (Is the Law)
09. Forever and One (Neverland)
10. Guitar Solo
11. Best Time
12. Dr. Stein
13. How Many Tears
14. Perfect Gentleman
15. Keeper of the Seven Keys
16. I Want Out

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All Pictures by Elena Arens

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