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IAMX Cologne 2023 39 von 43Live Music Hall, Cologne, Germany
11th October 2023
IAMX - “Fault Lines1 Europe Tour 2023”

The exceptional artist Chris Corner toured Germany in October 2023 with his project IAMX and also made a stop at the Live Music Hall in Cologne. Many fans, a lot of them was made up in the style of the band, waited for a long time in front of the entrance of the hall to get one of the coveted seats in the front row in front of the stage. /

Music & Performance
Anyone who has ever attended a concert of IAMX was surprised by the relatively bright stage. Usually this is kept rather dark, but this time there were three big LED walls set up in the background. The band entered the stage dressed in masks. Chris Corner wore a spiky headgear and a mask, while drummer Jon Siren sat behind his drum kit with rabbit ears. Janine Gezang wore a tight sexy outfit, a rubber mask and danced very agilely behind her keyboard. Many of the songs came in a new style, but were still celebrated by the fans. The songs seemed even more experimental and Chris himself was very open to the audience. While he sang, he danced across the stage or turned the knobs of his suitcase.

IAMX Cologne 2023 7 von 43

In the aluminium case with IAMX imprint were synthesizers and mixers, with which he constantly played and adjusted the sound. Besides songs from the new album like ‘The X ID’ or ‘Fault Lines’, the band also played early classics. Also ‘Happiness’ and ‘Bernadette’ from 2011 got an acoustic modernization that evening. New and also old fans got to see a Chris Corner that evening, who showed his fun with music.

01. Disciple
02. The X ID
03. Sailor
04. After Every Party I Die
05. Fault Lines
06. Screams
07. I Come With Knives
08. Exit
09. President
10. Happiness
11. No Maker Made Me
12. Bernadette
13. The Alternative

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Light: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8.5 / 10

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All pictures by Andreas Klüppelberg

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