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Chris Corner from IAMX

On March 24, the masters of the fantastic decadence,IAMX, will give a concert in Lviv, and on March 25 in Kiev as part of their concert tour dedicated to the release of the new album ‘Alive In New Light’, due out in February. During the artistic career, the band gave concerts in Kiev already several times and repeatedly performed at such progressive and colourful festivals of Ukraine like Stare Misto Festival in Lviv. Every visit of IAMX at Ukraine is a stunning success with unforgettable emotions!

IAMX is a truly a “musical revolution”: the grace of a black cat, passion, sex, intelligence, stylish and imaginative stage costumes, masks, glam, elegant, logic, imagination, gloomy theatre and melancholy, synth-pop, rock, mysticism, expression in a shadow of circus tents. And behind it all stands a heavy, hard work. Mr Corner (Mister X) makes everything himself! He writes songs, arrangements, lyrics, creates video clips, sews costumes, and designs merch for his boutique. To our great joy we managed to communicate with Chris about the features of the new album, his attitude towards Ukrainian fans, and the upcoming concerts in Ukraine. So, check out our interview now!

Reflections of Darkness [RoD]: Hi, Chris, it’s not a secret that IAMX’ new studio album, ‘Alive In New Light’, will be released in February. What are the main concept and features of the new album?
Chris: The concept is about the triumph of making peace with the self. Of being uplifted by acceptance and not only embracing the reality of life but celebrating it viscerally. I have an image of me as the Corner Almighty, riding on a wild horse of melancholy.

RoD: What inspired you to write songs for this album?
Chris: An untameable inner drive, the universe, the atom.

RoD: You have worked with Kat Von D on this album. Are you satisfied with the result and cooperation with her?
Chris: Very satisfied. She is a beautiful talented soul and her vocals melted effortlessly into the music. Plus Janine Gezang has a woman crush on her, so it works out well for everybody.

iamx2018 PhotoCredit GretchenLanham

RoD: Is it important for you to match the stage image in everyday life?
Chris: No. It’s important for me to feel at one with myself as much as possible. If I want to dress up, I’ll dress up. If I want to disappear and hide, I will do that also. It depends on my mood of the day. We are multi-dimensional beings.

RoD: If IAMX was a movie, what would the story be and who would be the director?
Chris: It would be Tarkovsky making a movie about Fellini.

RoD: What is the worst and best in the musician’s life?
Chris: The best is freedom from society’s expectations. The worst is the intense changes from everyday life to performance life. The constant psychological transitions from being a private person to a public person and vice versa.

RoD: You already performed earlier with concerts in Ukraine. What exactly did you remember from previous visits? I mean the audience, the national cuisine, sights.
Chris: Passionate, innocent, beautiful, music hungry fans. I always remember crowd-surfing at Stare Misto Festival in Lviv and being sucked into the black hole of love. Every time we come back I’m still shocked by the strong bond we have especially with our Ukrainian lovers.

RoD: Do you like surprises or is it difficult to surprise you with something?
Chris: I like to be surprised, but yes it is difficult to surprise me. I am a vigorous observer of humanity and I think people lie all the time. So tell me truth and I’ll be surprised.

RoD: What surprises do you prepare for your fans in the upcoming shows?
Chris: What kind of surprise would it be if I told you? All I can say is we’re working very hard to make this a mind-blowing tour.

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Promo photography by Gretchen Lanham

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