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introSputnikhalle, Münster, Germany
5th April 2016
IAMX – Metanoia Tour

Chris Corner's IAMX saw a return-to-form with their brilliant album 'Metanoia', which was released in October 2015. The corresponding “Metanoia Tour” is still on-going and since IAMX have an excellent reputation as a live act their show was pretty high on our check list of must-sees this spring. /

Music & Performance
What's even better than a great band scheduling a gig in your home town? Well, when this gig is supposed to take place in your "second living room"! As a resident DJ and member of staff of the Sputnikhalle in Münster I was thrilled when I found out that IAMX were going to play at our very club, which is usually rather known for Metal, Hardcore and Punk shows, but  an external booker decided to bring IAMX to Münster, thankfully. So the 5th of April was definitely a day I was looking forward to for quite a while! The day started pretty busy for me and for the band and crew, as well. I was amazed how much gear and equipment IAMX bring on tour, surely more than many other bands who play similar capacities, and their crew really hard time to set up all the synths, video screens, the drum kit etc. on our relatively small stage. I think the ceiling height in particular made the build-up a little tricky. Anyway, the stage looked great already hours before the show!


Meanwhile the first fans arrived pretty early and were hanging out at the beer garden of our club, which was actually not open for public yet at that point but who cares? The atmosphere was relaxed and familiar and as soon as the doors were officially open more and more concert-goers arrived. With a little delay IAMX started their show with 'I Come With Knives' from their 2013 album 'The Unified Field'. Chris Corner went on stage as the last one and as soon as his silhouette appeared the audience welcomed him with a loud roar. The gig wasn't sold out but the audience was prepared to make noise as if the club was packed up to the roof top. Corner's outfit was weird and glamorous as usual, complete with golden make-up and a feathery hat with LED lights. 'The Alternative' from 2008 followed, one of the band's classics, and including it so early in the set gave away that IAMX did not intend to lower the energy level for one jota. And this was true for the entire band, as the two keyboarders Janine Gezang and Sammi Doll were hyperactive and refused to stand still while John Siren banged the drums behind them.


Visually the show was also quite interesting, with no front light at all so that the musicians appeared as mere silhouettes most of the time and several video screens on each side of the stage. From colourful videos to creepy stuff the footage was perfectly synchronized with the music. All that visual stimulation just served the drama, the lust of ecstasy, the riotous madness of IAMX' performance, and Chris Corner of course always remained the key figure on stage. His performance was top-notch, delivering a studio-quality vocal performance while remaining the hyperactive self he is. The only breathing space was the ballad 'Insomnia' from IAMX' latest album 'Metanoia', which provided the bulk of the set with seven songs. The audience couldn't resist the infectious energy of the gig for a second, and in all likelihood no-one at the show wanted to resist, so IAMX returned after their main set for a powerful rendition of their debut single 'Kiss & Swallow' and two more songs.


The crowd was still hungry for more but unfortunately there was no second encore, even though the setlist sheet gave away that 'Mercy' was planned as an option. The only little downer in an otherwise superb concert night. I just hope that IAMX will come back to Münster in the future and if they play in a place near you do yourself a favour and go!

01. I Come With Knives
02. The Alternative
03. Happiness
04. No Maker Made Me
05. Tear Garden
06. Oh Cruel Darkness Embrace Me
07. Spit It Out
08. Nightlife
09. Insomnia
10. North Star
11. Aphrodisiac
12. Your Joy Is My Low
13. Bring Me Back A Dog
14. Kiss + Swallow
15. I Am Terrified

Music: 9
Performance: 10
Sound: 8
Light: 10
Total: 9.2 / 10


All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( /

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