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iamx byKaroKratochwil21Zaklete Rewiry, Wroclaw, Poland
24st October 2023
IAMX - “Fault Lines1 - Europe Tour” 2023

The massive “Fault Lines1 Europe Tour”, covering over 20 European cities, finally arrived in Wroclaw. This wasn’t the artist’s first performance at the stylish Zaklete Rewiry club, but it was highly anticipated. With new material, fresh arrangements, and the legendary presence of this unique artist, a substantial queue formed in front of the club long before the doors opened.

Music & Performance
Chris Corner is an “artista totale” known for his ability to express complex emotions and experiences through his music and lyrics. His work has garnered fans from around the world. His music, characterized by technical mastery and emotionally charged songs, as well as his intense and dramatic live performances, ensures that an IAMX show is an unforgettable experience. I’ve had the privilege of attending both - large IAMX concerts, such as at M’era Luna, and smaller club events. It’s the latter that seem to evoke the strongest emotions. The proximity to such emotionally charged performances is irresistible, sending shivers down your spine and occasionally bringing tears to your eyes.

iamx byMarekWilczynski06

The new tour has sparked some controversy, with some fans appreciating the fresh arrangements of beloved songs while others found them lacking the former intensity and dramatic effect, as well as Corner’s signature high-pitched vocals. It’s possible that the new arrangements may have lost a bit of the original’s sexual and provocative character, but to say that Corner’s voice has lost its impact would be a misjudgement. Still, while I understand the artist’s need to experiment, bring new solutions to their art, I would like to mention that I have a strong personal attachment to the originals, such as ‘No Maker Made Me’, and I consider any alteration of something so sacred to me as a form of encroachment on my personal collection of musical treasures…

iamx byMarekWilczynski02

Additionally, the visual aspect of the concert plays a significant role in the IAMX experience. Chris’ “crown”, which somewhat resembles thorn on and rabbit masks were visual highlight. The lighting design was highly contrasting, shifting from darkness to red, gold, and blue lightning flashing in the eyes, creating an intriguing (though at times blinding) visual spectacle. In summary, it might not have been the most potent or best IAMX concert I’ve ever attended, but it was certainly a good one. I believe it stirred the audience deeply and left a lasting impression.

01. Disciple
02. The X ID
03. Sailor
04. After Every Party I Die
05. Fault Lines
06. Screams
07. I Come With Knives
08. Exit
09. President
10. Happiness
11. No Maker Made Me
12. Bernadette
13. The Alternative

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Sound: 7
Light: 7
Total: 8 / 10

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All Pictures by Karo Kratochwil and Marek Wilczyński

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