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Schandmaul Sparkassenpark, Mönchengladbach, Germany
29th August 2020
Schandmaul - Beach Chair Concert

More than 20 years after the foundation, 10 studio albums and several concerts and festivals, the Bavarian musicians SCHANDMAUL were playing on the August 29th in front of the beach baskets in Mönchengladbach. The classical instruments of Rock music electric guitar, acoustic guitar, drums and bass guitar were once more accompanied by instruments from the Middle Ages (shawm, rotary lyre, flute, pipe, bagpipes, cistern and lute). Today, the music remains modern Rock. People could experience good German Rock music in an unusual environment.

Music & Performance
The Beach Chair OpenAir - a perfect place and a good time for bands to play after a long break. 450 beach chairs and more than 900 visitors have the chance to experience concerts and other events. In November 2019, SCHANDMAUL played their last concert, before all concerts and festivals were cancelled. In Mönchengladbach they returned to a stage for a sold-out show. In this case, the SparkassenPark gives an award for a sold-out show. SCHANDMAUL was founded 1998 in Munich and played on many festivals with their Medieval Rock music. The singer Thomas Lindner describes himself as a storyteller with using German lyrics. With his typical funny words, Thomas greeted each one of the island sections, which were named after German islands. He was wondering why Mallorca was called a German island… but reminding that Mallorca is the Germans’ favourite island, the naming might seem obvious…

Schandmaul 46 von 46

To promote the new song of SCHANDMAUL, ‘Luft und Liebe’, the band put some pieces of paper with the lyrics into every beach chair. So, everybody had the chance to be a part of SCHANDMAUL and sing along later. Birgit and Saskia played the traditional instruments from the middle ages, like the hurdy-gurdy, violin, flute and bagpipes. With their SCHANDMAUL colleagues Stefan Brunner (drums), Martin Duckstein (guitar) and Matthias Richter (bass-guitar) they performed in this evening also songs like the ballad ‘Goldene Kette’. In this sensual moment the audience took their fire-lighters and held it towards to heaven. Sometimes, singer Thomas change the guitar to electronic piano to play i.e. the song about the dragon lady ‘Saphira’. At the last song, the audience held their fire lighters again into the air and at the end of the song the audience continued to sing, although the band stopped to play.

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All pictures by Andreas Klüppelberg

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