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SPF 9969Haus Auensee, Leipzig, Germany
16th September 2022
Joachim Witt - “Rübezahls Rückkehr” Tour 2022

JOACHIM WITT reinvented himself many times, while always keeping his finger on the pulse of the decisive German music history. He never shied away from political and social criticism. His hits ‘Der Goldene Reiter’, which describes the pressure to perform and antisocial aspects of capitalism, including one’s own failure, are timeless, as is the legendary duet with Peter Heppner on the song ‘Die Flut’, a statement about striving for a better life or for a better world at all. Last weekend he celebrated a fantastic concert in Leipzig’s Haus Auensee. Please enjoy our pictures from the concert.

01. Rübezahl
02. Dämon
03. Kopfschwul
04. Wo blüht der Mohn
05. Die Erde brennt
06. Es regnet in mir
07. Ohne dich
08. Die Flut
09. Die Wölfe ziehen
10. Geist an das Licht
11. Geh deinen Weg
12. Quo Vadis
13. Das Leben in mir
14. Herr der Berge
15. Supergestört und superversaut
16. Goldener Reiter
17. Tri Tra Trullala (Herbergsvater)

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