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inextremo strandkorb mg 20210806SparkassenPark, Mönchengladbach, Germany
6th August 2021
In Extremo - Strandkorb Open Air - “Endlich live - Sommer 2021” Tour

One of the best Medieval Rock bands, IN EXTREMO, will start their small “Endlich live - Sommer 2021” tour in Mönchengladbach. With their bagpipes, English flutes in different sizes, shawm, harp and a lot of traditional instruments, the seven boys will rock the stage. Of course, they will play also modern instruments like drums, electric guitar and bass-guitar. The lyrics of the songs are played in different and also some rare old languages.

Don´t miss this show in front of a lot of beach chairs. You will see an amazing show with amazing fire effects and good music.

All tour dates
06/08/2021 - Germany Mönchengladbach Sparkassenpark Strandkorb Open Air
07/08/2021 - Germany Nürnberg Volkspark Dutzendteich - Strandkorb Open Air
14/08/2021 - Germany Berlin Hoppegarten Strandkorb Open Air
27/08/2021 - Germany Halle Peissnitzinsel
28/08/2021 - Germany Halle Peissnitzinsel - SOLD OUT!
01/10/2021 - Germany Bosen Bostalsee - Strandkorb Open Air

Additional Concert Info
Sparkassenpark Strandkorb Open Air
Start: 20:00
More info:
Tickets: from 51.50 € (+ charges/shipping) via

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