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eisbrecher schock
Artist: Eisbrecher
Title: Schock
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 23rd January 2015
Label: AOR/Sony Music

Album Review

Soon, EISBRECHER will please their fans with the long-awaited 6th studio album. As the band itself doesn’t need any kind of introduction, let’s get down to the album, entitled ‘Schock’. It’s hard to characterize this record in one word: it's heavy, even aggressive, but at the same time lyrical and touching, devoted to rage and despair, sarcasm and provocation, supplemented with hard riffs and presented in the typical style of EISBRECHER. Anyway if we have to characterize the album then this is rock, filled with senses, symbols, and ready to go beyond the creative boundaries of the band, inviting listeners to join this musical journey. The album opens with ‘Volle Kraft voraus’, a powerful anthem revealing its main question: “Can your hope be a rescue?” Dense, strong, but melodic guitars leave no doubt - EISBRECHER will break not only the walls, but also the ice in the heart of every listener, proclaiming significantly “Your peace will not set you free”. And we understand that, as long as there is a dream burning inside, it’s impossible to resist – full speed ahead then!

‘1000 Narben’, which became the first single, continues the marathon. Rhythmic recitative of the verses, supported by slightly recessed guitars and a bit of samples successfully demonstrates that sometimes it is not necessary to understand the lyrics in order to get the idea. This song is definitely a manifest of the will to live. The title track is meant to shock our system, without waiting for a special invitation. That’s an unexpected composition for the band. At some point it seems that it's not just a song but a slogan. Shock my system! And nothing to add. ‘Zwischen uns’ is a good example of how EISBRECHER avoids trite images and techniques. There are no theatrical gestures, languishing looks or fake tragedies. The song is made as a dialogue, but it seems that it is rather a dialogue with oneself . That’s why the female vocals seem metallic, cold, and almost lifeless. Mystical and slow ‘Rot wie die Liebe’ with interlacing electronic elements and samples, deep melodies with even deeper vocals describes feelings, which cannot be suppressed or identified clearly, like silhouettes in the dark... The next track is a rock hit for sure while on ‘Schlachtbank’ guitars are almost crying in the rhythm of waltz. It’s a melodic ballad beautiful, elegant and nervous. But minor in this song does not create a tragic mood: this is not the end, not yet.

‘Dreizehn’ with its hard lyrics and hard sound, when electronic music alternates with solid uncompromising guitars in the refrain is like a quintessence of the modern world. It seems obvious that next piece is ‘Unschuldsengel’: angel is not so innocent, may be darker than night and the song gets under your skin like the angel captivates you with its charms. Another struggle with oneself actually. ‘Nachtfieber’ is something more than just a club hit, playing with the subject the band managed to avoid banality and worn out tricks. But the album goes on showing more and more contrasts and with ‘Noch zu retten’ we can notice a change of the rhythm, change of the timbre, guitars and electronics. Every listener should decide for themselves what is more important here, doubt or hope. EISBRECHER does not give any definite answers. ‘Fehler Machen Leute’ says that everyone makes their own mistakes, to err is human. The riffs are extremely hard, combined with the ruthless lyrics. Self-criticism or criticism against human nature in general presented in a strong industrial application. But there’s no time to stop and we rise from the level of human faults high into the sky.

‘Der Flieger’ leads us up to the idea of a dream that is worth to strive for it, even if nothing remains. It’s an anthem for another, bright side of a human soul. The combination of music, lyrics and vocals creates a real feeling of flying and it seems that the sun can't burn you. At the same time ‘So oder so’ is totally metallic, from music to vocals. All in all, ‘Schock’ is a very sincere work where darkness occupies exactly the same room as light, just like in everyone’s soul. And the main idea of the whole thing seems to be hope implicitly accompanies all states of mind, from despair to unconditional faith. ‘Schock’ really proves its title. But what else could be expected from the band? And of course it’s impossible to stay indifferent to this album.


01. Volle Kraft voraus – 3:16
02. 1000 Narben – 3:53
03. Schock – 3:46
04. Zwischen Uns – 3:37
05. Rot wie die Liebe – 3:48
06. Himmel, Arsch und Zwirn – 4:16
07. Schlachtbank – 3:06
08. Dreizehn – 3:27
09. Unschuldsengel – 3:53
10. Nachtfieber – 3:09
11. Noch zu retten – 4:37
12. Fehler Machen Leute – 3:43
13. Der Flieger – 3:28
14. So oder so – 4:07


Alexander Wesselsky – Vocals
Noel Pix – Lead Guitar
Jürgen Plangger – Guitar
Achim Färber – Drums
Rupert Keplinger – Bass

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eisbrecher schock


Music: 10
Sound: 10
Total: 10 / 10

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