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introAvrora Club, St. Petersburg, Russia
25th January 2014
Eisbrecher with a support of Laufderzeit

Outstanding German band EISBRECHER came to Russia for the 3rd time to play in Moscow and St. Petersburg. In Moscow the show was sold-out and was a great success! In St. Petersburg the fever about the event wasn’t weaker: long before the start of the concert fans of the band were coming to the club and at 7 p.m. they were even ready to break in. So despite the winter cold outside the atmosphere began to grow warm even before the official warm-up which was announced to be a band from St. Petersburg called LAUFDERZEIT.


The project was founded in 2012 and now the musicians are working on the debut album which is going to be released very soon. The band describes their style as untimed folk power dance metal. The key word here should be “metal”, I guess. LAUFDERZEIT is Konstantin Brand (vocals), Manul (rhythm guitar), Vitold Merz (guitars), Ismael (Leo) (keyboards), Andrey Simonov (drums).


Music & Performance
First of all I want to say, that was the best warm-up I’ve ever seen. The musicians felt themselves absolutely comfortably on the stage and played perfectly their set, which even seemed to be a bit short. A part of the audience was slightly sceptical about the band they hadn’t seen before. After listening to some tracks of the formation I was also not too eager to see them live. But after a couple of the songs the situation changed cardinally and some people even turned into fans of LAUFDERZEIT. That is not too surprising: powerful drums, vigorous guitars and great vocals sound really cool. The vocalist managed to put up a good show from the beginning to the very end and tried to charge the crowd with his energy. Besides the musicians on the stage there was also a girl dancing or it’s better to say moving to the music. I can’t say if her presence was necessary to supplement the whole performance but in general everything looked quite harmoniously. Finished their set, the band left and the whole venue stood still waiting.


01. Jajda smerti (Thirst of Death)
02. Sredi golyh vetvei (Among Bare Branches)
03. Podai mne znak (Give Me a Sign)
04. Sdelai eto (Do It)
05. Doroga k rayu (Road to Heaven)

Music: 8
Performance: 8
Sound: 8
Light: 7
Total: 7.8 / 10


Finally there started the event that was so expected – the concert of EISBRECHER. I think it’s needless to say anything about the band that during the 10 year of the existence released many albums and singles, played a lot of gigs and gained a huge crowd of devoted fans. The current line-up is Alexx Wesselsky (vocals), Jochen “Noel Pix” Seibert (lead guitar, production), Jürgen Plangger (guitar), Achim Färber (drums) and Rupert Keplinger (bass). /


Music & Performance
When the long-awaited moment came the audience burst out during the intro that gradually flew into ‘Kein Mitleid’. The musicians appeared on the stage and the last one to come out was Alexx who did it accompanied with the wild screams of the fans. The concert passed or actually flew by without a stop: crazy energy, impressive performance and a whole wave of positive emotions. Alexx has not only a wonderful voice but also a fantastic ability to feel the music so all his moves were harmonious and fascinating. Of course, sexy dancing is always important if you want to be a rock star. As the each song is supposed to be a hit, it was impossible just to stand still and silent. You just had to sing along and there was no reason to resist. The show was getting stronger, the crowd was raving, one great song was followed by another and musicians themselves had a good time onstage and enjoyed the process to the full. In paused between the songs Alexx talked a lot to the audience, joked and even made attempts to speak Russian using a phrasebook. And the fans understood him despite the accent. Maybe, it was also thanks to vodka, the benefit of which Alexx explained as it helped people to understand each other even without the knowledge of a language. Since it wasn’t good to drink alone, he cordially shared that vodka with those who wanted.


Some songs looked like a show within a show. There were used different interesting details, accessories as the gig is not just playing music and singing. It should be a real performance. Besides the frontman gave away the things with pleasure and the first one to please a fan was a tie or ‘Krawatte’. For ‘Eiszeit’ Alexx was wearing a traditional Russian cap and for ‘Eisbrecher’ there was brought a couple of ice axes. Actually that song deserves a special attention: a wonderful and expressive show mesmerized so much that I sometimes forgot to press the button of the camera and actually the button didn’t want to be pressed. Then there came ‘Schwarze Witwe’ with a usual lash and Alexx went into the crowd. Definitely there were many volunteers to become a part of the show. The second try of the close contact with the audience was during ‘Miststück’. For ‘This Is Deutsch’ the musicians were wearing some sort of national costumes. [comment: typical Bavarian traditional outfits] Of course, the concert could not do without a Russian-Bavarian flag that was later on given to a fan, a striking drum solo by Achim. By the way the guitarist also got a chance to become a kind of drummers to play ‘Amok’.


The main set ended too fast and there were just necessary two encores although I believe everyone would agree if the show went on even further. But Alexx said the concert had been great and if he could he would stay in Russia and changed his surname to Krasin. The final song was beautiful and melancholic ‘Die Hölle muss warten’. Afterwards the band members traditionally threw white teddy bears into the crowd and left but again not for a long time as there was also an after show party with a lot of good music where everyone could talked to the musicians, took autographs and pictures and so on. In closing of the whole evening or night to be exact when there was time for EISBRECHER to leave Alexx went to the stage and delivered an emotional speech devoted to the concert, Russian fans and promised to come in 2015 with their new album. So they’ve gone, but they promised to come back.


01. Intro
02. Kein Mitleid
03. Willkommen im Nichts
04. Antikörper
05. Disko Intro
06. Adrenalin (new version)
07. Augen unter Null
08. Amok
09. Eiszeit
10. Leider
11. Prototyp
12. Engel
13. Eisbrecher 2013
14. Schwarze Witwe
15. Vergiss mein nicht
16. Herzdieb
17. This is Deutsch
18. Heilig
19. Verrückt
20. Miststück
21. Die Hölle muss warten

Music: 10
Performance: 10
Sound: 10
Light: 8
Total: 9.5 / 10


All pictures by Natalya Kuznetsova (

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