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eisbrecher diehoellemusswarten
Artist: Eisbrecher
Title: Die Hölle Muss Warten
Genre: Industrial / NDH
Release Date: 3d February 2012
Label: Columbia (Sony Music)

Album Review

EISBRECHER released their fifth studio album. It’s been eight years after their debut. Since then the tendency was to make music harder and harder, and now they are as close to their roots as never before. But saying “roots”, I mean MEGAHERZ, as both of basic band members, Alexx Wesselsky and Noel Pix, are originally from this band. Maybe Alexx got overheated at Fort Boyard, where he moderates the same name show, or maybe he stroked his head while he tested a car. But what happened to Noel? It’s hard to find some logical explanation, why EISBRECHER made a mixture of UNHEILIG and MEGAHERZ and gave up their experiments from the debut album. It hurts to hear how the band skips the great idea they’ve had in the beginning, preferring cliché decisions. Even if there are still some attempts to include some synths, this album is the great example of that rare case, when drums ruin everything.

Usually there is a bunch of ice-metaphors. This record is cold, but not icy anymore. The debut album is biting with frosty electronics, it creaks like fresh snow. Comparing to this, ‘Die Hölle muss warten’ is just like December 2011 - when it was already supposed to be winter, but it was still raining and pretty warm. Instead of cold waves of electronic, now there is a wall of metal riffs. Instead of light transparent cool music there are some guitar kicks and drum punches, so listening to this, you get the physical feeling of got beaten up. But in spite of the cruel arrangement, Alexx manages it to sing lullabies and pop, and his strong deep voice, which could lead you to Neverland of the nastiest dreams on the first album, now sounds just lost and flat. So even if the arrangements are quite powerful the album sounds calm and quiet.

Even the lyrics about heart of ice don’t help. In this context it is just like: Hey, we’ve used to sing about cold and ice, so we have to have one more song like this. Actually lyrics in general are very strange this time. Listener got used to lyrics about bad girls, dark sexiness, cocaine in the end. Just remember ‘Schwarze Witwe‘, ‚Fanatica‘, ‚Willkommen im Nichts‘ or later ‚Kann Denn Liebe Sünde Sein?‘. But it seems like EISBRECHER got too old for this stuff. Now there are bands like STAHLMANN to sing about such things. And EISBRECHER is more about breaking heart love, romantic and cuddling: ‘Keine Liebe’, ‘Rette Mich’, ‘Die Hölle Muss Warten’. Oh… no, here we go, number eleven ‘Exzess Express’. Okay, now those strange lovely ballads aren’t that bad! ‘Exzess Express’ sounds just like another “must-be-song”.

It is pity that the musicians got quite quickly bored of more or less pure electronic music and came back to the previous ideas and sound of MEGAHERZ adding more and more guitars and drums. On this album there is also a lot of string imitation, what makes the album sound somehow epic. Maybe they should just have a rest and don’t release albums exactly every two years? It is clear, that there should be development, but now it looks like regress. ‘Verrückt’ and ‘Prototyp’ are real highlights of this album. But sadly they standing out just on this album, but on a scene scale they are just a couple of songs of hundreds of compositions by such bands like MEGAHERZ, OOMPH! or UNHEILIG. So Ice Age isn’t danger anymore, it’s Global Warming comes forth.


01. Tanz mit mir
02. Augen unter Null
03. Die Hölle muss warten
04. Verrückt
05. Herz aus Eis
06. Prototyp
07. Ein Leben lang unsterblich
08. Abgrund
09. In meinem Raum
10. Keine Liebe
11. Exzess Express
12. Rette mich
13. Atem


Alexx Wesselsky - Vocals
Noel Pix - Guitar, Producer
Jürgen Plangger - Guitar
Dominik Palmer - Bass
Achim Färber - Drums


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eisbrecher diehoellemusswarten


Music: 6
Sound: 8
Total: 7 / 10

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