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moonspell  alphanoir
Artist: Moonspell
Title: Alpha Noir
Genre: Gothic Metal / Dark Metal
Release Date: 27th April 2012
Label: Napalm Records

Album Review

MOONSPELL are back - and my joy was exuberant! One of my favourite bands in the last ten years within their genre… with albums like ‘Irreligious’, ‘Wolfheart’ or the tremendous ‘Night Eternal’, MOONSPELL won me over. Their newest release is ‘Alpha Noir’ and I was pretty excited to hear what these Portuguese guys had to offer. Well, I’m in for a big disappointment… and it hurts to write that down. ‘Alpha Noir’ isn´t capable to tie in where ‘Night Eternal’ ended. Although their label says that it’s a leap of faith and a belief in their writing skills and progressive musicianship, I cannot affirm these facts for myself.

Of course, this release is more aggressive than its predecessors and I have to acknowledge the efforts of MOONSPELL´s songwriting, but to be honest: There´s a lot of material that is more average than a real blast. Even the typical shouting by singer Fernando gets me the feeling that this release isn´t just a fault. But somehow, it doesn´t fit within my MOONSPELL universe… Due to the aggressive parts, the band lose sight of one of their strengths: variety! Songs like ‘Opium’, ‘Mephisto’, ‘Everything invaded’ or ‘Shadow sun’ show their perfect capacity of creating a certain dull ambience that is sheer devastation without a chance of letting go. For the benefit of aggression Singe Fernando resigns the beautiful and typical clean vocals, MOONSPELL stands for.

Don´t get me wrong, the songs on this release are quite nice - probably for another band… a newcomer or… whatever, however. But such a great band like MOONSPELL throwing all their distinctive issues overboard? Well that needs getting used to! Unfortunately there´s no song, that is outstanding or remarkable, in my opinion… and trust me, that really hard to say. Stop! Come off it! There´s ONE great and adorable song and it´s almost symptomatic that it is an instrumental! ‘Sine Missione’ is one hell of a song that gives me goose bumps and shows what MOONSPELL are capable to compose! If I had a wish, I´d wish that MOONSPELL would tie in with songs like this.

Sorry guys, but a miss is as good as a mile… :/


01. Axis Mundi
02. Lickanthrope
03. Versus
04. Alpha Noir
05. Em Nome Do Medo
06. Opera Carne
07. Love Is Blasphemy
08. Grandstand
09. Sine Missione


Fernando Ribeiro – Vocals
Miguel Gaspar – Drums
Ricardo Amorim – Guitar
Pedro Paixão – Keyboard/Guitar
Aires Pereira – Bass

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Cover Picture

moonspell  alphanoir


Music: 5
Sound: 10
Extras: Various Versions incl. ltd. Edition, Box Set and Vinyl Edition
Total: 7.5 / 10

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