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monoinc nimmermehr touredition
Artist: Mono Inc.
Title: Nimmermehr (Tour Edition)
Genre: Gothic Rock
Release Date: 22nd November 2013
Label: NoCut / SPV

Album Review

The 7th full-length studio album of German gothic rock band MONO INC., released in August 2013, was very successful and highly appreciated by the audience. So no wonder that in November there appeared the tour edition of ‘Nimmermehr’ supplemented with five well-known songs of the project which were recorded with such impressive formations as SALTATIO MORTIS, UNZUCHT, A LIFE DIVIDED, THE BEAUTY OF GEMINA and LORD OF THE LOST. However it’s just a pleasant bonus as the other twelve compositions are good enough and may be interesting even for those who listen to MONO INC. for the first time.

The opening piece of the album already demonstrates the best features of the band: it’s energetic, expressive and very catchy with the great melody and vocals. Of course, the rest of the songs are expected to be in line with such a promising beginning. And the next track entitled ‘Seligkeit’ full proves its title and meets a listener’s expectations. Slightly dark, sombre and at the same time tuneful composition creates a beautiful mesmerizing atmosphere. ‘My Deal with God’ like the other songs with lyrics in English sounds a bit less vigorous yet it’s rather good in its own way. ‘Kein Weg zu weit’ featuring Joachim Witt produces a strong impression and seems to be one of the most profound creations. It gradually emphasizes the feeling of bleak tranquillity aroused with the previous tracks. But the degree of gloom is getting higher after ‘Euthanasia’ when there comes melancholic ‘Alles was bleibt’. Actually such music not only immerses a listener into the dark atmosphere but also calms yet the calm is easily ruined with the rich bombastic sound of ‘The Clock Ticks on’. One more thing I like about this song is the wonderful female vocals.

The album proceeds and we continue the journey into the realm of the exquisite gothic fantasy enchanted with the mild melody and thought-provoking lyrics of ‘A Better Way to Die’. Then captivating ‘Herzschlag’ and deep ‘Days like This’ arouse fascinating images that flow through refined ‘Ich teile dich nicht’ and remain till the last sounds of ‘Nimmermehr’. The title track totally bewitches with its beautiful piano and heartfelt vocals. It seems to be the best finale for the main part of the album. The next five compositions which are the result of collaboration with the above-mentioned bands show well-known songs of MONO INC. in some different light. Each of them is very interesting and worthy to listen to. As for the whole album it will definitely please not only the devoted fans of MONO INC. but also all those who like good music of the kind.


01. Heile, heile Segen – 3:59
02. Seligkeit – 4:09
03. My Deal with God – 4:27
04. Kein Weg zu weit – 4:07
05. Euthanasia – 4:01
06. Alles was bleibt – 4:28
07. The Clock Ticks on – 4:28
08. A Better Way to Die – 3:16
09. Herzschlag – 4:47
10. Days like This – 4:19
11. Ich teile dich nicht – 3:59
12. Nimmermehr – 3:21
13. Seligkeit (featuring Saltatio Mortis) – 4:38
14. Viva Hades (featuring Unzucht) – 5:13
15. The Last Waltz (featuring A Life Divided) – 4:15
16. Avalon (featuring The Beauty of Gemina) – 5:35
17. In My Darkest Hours (featuring Lord of the Lost) – 5:17


Martin Engler – Lead Vocals
Manuel Antoni – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Carl Fornia – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Katha Mia – Drums, Backing Vocals

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monoinc nimmermehr touredition


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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