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Mono Inc. 31 von 32Sparkassenpark, Mönchengladbach, Germany
15th August 2020
Mono Inc. - Beach Chair Concert - “The Raven Flies Again” Tour 2020 - Support: Storm Seeker

The Dark Rock musicians MONO INC. from Hamburg returned for a special concert in Mönchengladbach / Germany. Instead of standing next to each other in a hall, now you could enjoy the concert comfortably in a beach basket. After a very successful tour and two cancelled sold-out shows, Martin Engler was very happy to play again in the front of an audience.

Storm Seeker

After the weather around Mönchengladbach cleared up, the Düsseldorf band STORM SEEKER started their appearance as support of MONO INC. at the SparkassenPark stage. Fishing nets at the keyboard stands, a rum barrel (certainly empty) and the band’s pirate outfit already gave an impression of the musical direction. With their Pirate Folk Metal, the girls and boys around singer Timothy already strongly energised the audience in their beach baskets. So people barely kept it in their seats and you could see a lot of people clapping or even dancing. In addition to Timothy, who also played the bass guitar, the two girls Cindy and Fabi supported the band vocally and played such classical instruments as flute, cello, nyckelharpa and hurdy-gurdy.

Storm Seeker 16 von 17

01. Nemo
02. Jack
03. Destined Course
04. Pirate Squad
05. Shoot This Ship Down
06. The Longing
07. Row
08. Row row row
09. Drag O Below
10. Side by Side
11. Rum

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  • Storm_Seeker_7_von_17

Mono Inc

After a break, the long-awaited Goth Rock band MONO INC. finally took the stage to great applause. Under the sign of the raven Martin Engler (vocals), Katha Mia (drums), Carl Fornia (electric guitar) and Manuel Antoni (bass) opened their concert with ‘Welcome to Hell’. At the beginning of the third song of the evening, ‘Symphony of Pain’, drummer Katha Mia took off her headdress revealed her short-shaved hair. As it should be for a Goth Rock band, pyro technology was not spared with either. For the song ‘Right for the Devil’, the pirates of STORM SEEKER returned to the stage and supported MONO INC. The mood was constantly at the highest level. When Martin began the story of Erna, it suddenly became quiet and everyone listened to the story. This was followed by ‘An klaren Tagen’ with Martin accompanied being accompanied by Fabi from STORM SEEKER and her flute. Almost as always with such songs, the audience lifted lighters into the air and created a wonderful atmosphere.

Mono Inc. 26 von 32

Afterwards, the stage remained dark until the well-known melody ‘Das Boot’ sounded, the stage light turned on, the drums bundled and Katha performed a fabulous drum solo. For the Gary Moore cover ‘After the War’ Martin even knelt briefly on stage and then went on a short break with his band. As an encore, there was ‘Kein Weg zu weit’ and ‘Voices of Doom’ but even after that, MONO INC. was not allowed to go into the evening, but played as a second encore ‘Children of the Dark’. At the end of Martin Engler’s final speech, STORM SEEKER was also on stage. In his words, Martin praised the idea of the organizers and the organizers themselves.

01. Welcome to Hell
02. Funeral Song
03. Symphony of Pain
04. Gothic Queen
05. The Book Of Fire
06. Right for the Devil (with Storm Seeker)
07. Arabia
08. Boatman
09. The Banks of Eden
10. Revenge
11. An klaren Tagen (Acoustic version)
12. Das Boot / Drum Solo
13. Get some sleep
14. After the War (Gary Moore cover)
15. Kein Weg zu weit
16. Voices of Doom
17. Children of the Dark

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All pictures by Andreas Klüppelberg

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