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solarfake reasonstokill
Artist: Solar Fake
Album: Reasons to kill
Genre: Electro- Pop
Release Date: 25th October 2013
Label: Synthetic Symphony (SPV)

Album Review

In 2007, Sven Friedrich (DREADFUL SHADOWS /ZERAPHINE) founded his solo project SOLAR FAKE. For his live performances he engaged Frank Arnold at the keyboard. His first album was released just a year later, ‘Broken Grid’. The second album was ‘Frontiers’ in 2011. SOLAR FAKE gained some recognition as supporting act for PETER HEPPNER’s ‘My heart of stone’- tour, as well as by performing on several festivals besides his own touring. While his other bands are more Goth Rock/ Metal/ Alternative, SOLAR FAKE is a Dark Electro-Pop project. A ‘Reasons to kill’ tour, starting in Israel, is following and will take place in Spain and Germany.

After the success of the first two albums with entries in the alternative charts and songs that were frequently played on the dance-floors, there was surely some pressure to tie in the positive recognition when producing this album. ‘Reasons to kill’ contains a lot of danceable songs underlined with the distinctive vocals of Sven Friedrich. Diverse Electro sound with driving beats makes you want to move. You will find some elements of EBM, Industrial, Trance and even Dubstep, but these without drifting too much into a cliché as they are incorporated carefully into the song structures. While most of the songs on this album are suitable for the dance-floors, ‘Rise and fall’ and ‘The pages’ are the more contemplative ones.

Of course we don’t have to miss a cover version as Sven Friedrich is known for liking to pick up a song and interpret it in his special way. For this album he chose the LINKING PARK song ‘One step closer’ which is definitely the most rocking song of the album. According to the title of the album, the lyrics are about the darker side of life which is stressed by his varying singing. Without knowing the first albums completely, I can say this one is solidly produced and I’m quite sure that we will hear one or another song of it on the dance-floors soon. The album is available as standard version, as well as download version.


01. I hate you more than my life
02. Face me
03. Change the view
04. When I bite
05. Reset to default
06. Rise and fall
07. I’d rather break
08. My spaces
09. One step closer
10. My bleeding heart
11. The pages


Sven Friedrich (vocals)
Frank Arnold (keyboards)

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solarfake reasonstokill


Music: 8
Sound: 9
Total: 8.5 / 10

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