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shepastaway narinyalnizlik rerelease
Artist: She Past Away
Title: Narin Yalnizlik (Re-Release)
Genre: Darkwave
Release Date: 18th January 2019
Label: Metropolis Records

Review Flash

‘Narin Yalnızlık’ was the second album of SHE PAST AWAY and is a classic for those who love Darkwave and Post-Punk. The album sold out quite soon after SHE PAST AWAY became more popular and started filling clubs and playing festivals. Since the 80s have a strong comeback nowadays and SHE PAST AWAY found words and sounds to catch a feeling of loneliness while drawing people on the dancefloor, it was about time to re-release the album. SHE PAST AWAY signed with Metropolis and remixed and remastered some of their songs, paying more attention to details and using up-to-date technology. The result is an amazing Darkwave and Post-Punk album that reminds you of THE SISTERS OF MERCY and THE CURE in the 80s but with lyrics in Turkish and all the advantages of nowadays programming.

Conclusion: This re-release is better than the remastered and remixed ‘Belirdi Gece’ because not every song of the original album was remixed.

Rating: 9 / 10

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