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top 10 2023 08 nonalbumEPs, maxi-singles, compilations and remix releases are a separate section of music and exist by their own rules and therefore are evaluated according to their own criteria. Creating a good comprehensive EP and even more so a high-quality, interesting and varied remix release is not as easy as it might seem. It’s easier with EPs, because their advantage is a short duration and therefore less time for listening and easy comprehension. There were a lot of interesting EPs and remixes in 2023. Unfortunately, the top is limited to 10 positions, otherwise there would be more on the list, because there are enough worthy and interesting non-album releases for two tops every year.

Covered genres and formats: All Dark Scene Genres, EP, Demo, Single, Maxi Single, Remix Compilation

10. Your Enemy - ‘I Am the Surprise (EP)’ (EBM | Sweden, Progress Productions)

The Swedish project YOUR ENEMY was created by Carl Nilsson from LUCIFER’S AID in the early 20s and in 2023 released two singles, which were later combined into an EP. The tracks are made in EBM style with female and male whispered declamation. Good material with an interesting rhythmic pattern slightly reminding the work of LUCIFER’S AID, but does not copying it. The project’s debut album is scheduled for late January on Progress Producions, so be ready. Facebook:

09. Modernity - ‘Cherished Simulacra (EP)’ (Dark Folk | UK, Self-Released)

The first works of the British project MODERNITY appeared in the early 20s and were performed in the genre of experimental Black Metal using noises and various effects. On the new EP the British musicisn creates dark folk with Industrial percussion and English-language lyrics. MODERNITY’s music is made according to the classic canons of Dark Folk and refers to the work of DEATH IN JUNE. All fans of classic Dark Folk will like it as for me. Facebook:

08. Nebelhaus - ‘Manifest’ (Neue Deutsche Härte | Germany, Blackwell Records)

The German project NEBELHAUS began its music journey as a RAMMSTEIN cover band and eventually grew into an original project of Neue Deutsche Härte with interesting material. It’s difficult to do something new and creative in this genre, so NEBELHAUS does the good old things in quality and with hitty songs. ‘Manifest’ is a compilation of all the recordings they had previously released as singles, EPs and compilations. In fact, ‘Manifest’ could be considered a debut full-length album, but all the tracks have already been released, so it is just a compilation. Good, high quality and cool collection. Now we are waiting for new material and finally debut album. Facebook:

07. Llumen - ‘Die Stille Totgeschwiegen (EP)’ (Future Pop | Belgium, Alfa Matrix)

On the modern scene high-quality remix releases are quite rare. By quality I mean a hitty title track and quality remixes in different genres, because usually musicians invite friends for remixes, that play the same music as the original tracks. The Belgians LLUMEN and the Alfa Matrix label managed to make a maxi-single that is as close to ideal as possible containing two hit originals and remixes in different genres or different sound. Two original compositions are made in the Future Pop, but it’s difficult to surprise with good originals by LLUMEN, because the project’s creativity was at the high level from the beginning. The first part of the remixes, it would seem, will not differ much from the originals. GRENDEL and ELEKTROSTAUB made dance thrillers in their own style, but the Hungarians FIRST AID 4 SOULS created a rather atmospheric composition that differs from the general direction. The second part of the remixes turned out to be much more diverse. AÏBOFORCEN continued the dance theme in their sound, the Greeks PREEMPTIVE STRIKE 0.1 added even more dance elements, the Belgians AH CAMA-SOTZ made a slightly noisy and rough remix, although also danceable, and the remix action ends with a lyrical ballad from the British PROMENADE CINEMA. Almost a nonesuch maxi-single. An example for others on how to competently make a remix release so that it is interesting to listen to in full. Facebook:

06. Lost Highway & Erica Li Lundqvist - ‘The Hotel Room (EP)’ (Synth Pop, Coldwave, Electro | France+Sweden, Oráculo Records)

French project LOST HIGHWAY created by Mathis of BLIND DELON teams up with Erica of the Swedish formation ABU NEIN to create an EP. Three original compositions are made in a combination of Synth Pop, Coldwave and Electro as variations on the EBM with Erica’s magnificent vocals. A very strong work both in terms of sound and composition. Great collaboration. I hope that this is not the last collaboration between these musicians, because it turned out almost perfect. The album also contains a remix from the American CURSES!, who lives in Berlin. Facebook: /

05. Cauda Pavonis - ‘The Devil, the Reaper and the Highwayman (EP)’ (Deathrock, Gothic Rock, Batcave | UK, CPX Records)

The CAUDA PAVONIS project was formed in the late 90s and during its existence has already become one of the favorite groups of the gothic audience. The British act created music in such genres as Deathrock, Gothic Rock and Batcave, so Halloween notes and atmosphere are guaranteed. The new EP is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the group and is made in an old-school manner as the musicians themselves wrote on their Bandcamp press-release. 4 compositions in the classic sound of CAUDA PAVONIS from the first albums. There will be even more Batcave here than other genres. This genre doesn’t appear very often in the modern gothic scene these days. I already miss this sound similar to SCARY BITCHES. I hope that this sound will return to the gothic music scene. And the EP CAUDA PAVONIS is superb. Facebook:

04. Zirkular Dion - ‘Shpalera (EP)’ (Oldschool EBM | Ukraine, Self-Released)

The Ukrainian formation ZIRKULAR DION appeared on the dark scene in the early 20s and as of 2023 has three EPs released, the last of which is called ‘Shpalera’ and released on its own digitally. ZIRKULAR DION creates classic old school EBM influenced by the legendary formation DAF with lyrics in Ukrainian. Excellent material with very similar dry and rhythmic EBM fills general aesthetics from the 80s and 90s of DAF and EBM in general. Excellent interesting work with hits. Facebook:

03. Noise/Girl - ‘Studio 25 (EP)’ (Harsh Noise, Power Electronics, Rhythmic Noise, Disco | Japan, Self-Released)

The NOISE/GIRL project was created in the late 90s by British musician Luke, living in Japan. In the early 2000s the project published several releases and then disappeared from the radars of dark scene. NOISE/GIRL did not become widely known then, which is strange, because within the industrial scene his work was unconventional and innovative. In fact, no one till now didn’t manage to make such an uncommon combination of genres. In 2023 Luke returned to creating music and released the EP ‘Studio 25’. This is a very noisy substance consisting of Harsh Noise, Power Electronics, Rhythmic Noise and Disco. In the 2000s the project positioned itself as disconoise, so the tendency is still here. The new work came out in the same vein. A very powerful noise attack on the ears with rhythm, aggression and disco. Cool, strong work from the British project. I hope that the creativity of the project will be continued, because in the 2000s, as for me, the project was not fully developed, but it has huge potential. Facebook: no FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM pages

02. No+Ana - ‘No+Ana (EP)’ (Coldwave, Electro Pop, Synth Pop, Minimal Synth | Canada/Colombia, TONN Recordings)

NO+ANA is a collaboration between the Canadian musician NO created by Antonio Pavao Pereira and the Colombian project ANA GARTNER. The international duo has created excellent material varying between Coldwave, Electro Pop, Synth Pop and minimalist Electronics. Pablo and Ana’s vocals harmonize perfectly and intertwine in melodic lyrical compositions. As for me NO+ANA’s work is more interesting than the Canadian’s solo work, although he is also doing great with music, so I would like to hear the continuation of this cooperation in future. Everything is top class and perfectly done with hits. Facebook:

01. Yakima Jera - ‘Capture (EP)’ (Post Punk, Coldwave | Germany, Young and Cold Records)

The German duo YAKIMA JERA formed in 2022 and during their existence have released several singles and a debut EP called ‘Capture’. The Germans create atmospheric and dark minimalistic Coldwave with Post-Punk and female vocals. Ideal electronic sound according to the canons of guitar Post-Punk with a really cold sound and cool female vocals. A powerful debut from the Germans, worthy for both home listening and on dark dancefloors. The powerful work of YAKIMA JERA will definitely attract listeners, so the project has chance of becoming a new hit with a full-length album in 2024, if they do release the album finally. Facebook:


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