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asp eisigewirklichkeit
Artist: ASP
Title: Eisige Wirklichkeit
Genre: Gothic Rock / Alternative / Darkwave
Release Date: 9th March 2012
Label: Trisol

Album Review

ASP aren’t that kind of band that were known of doing things by halves. No wonder at all, that their newest EP ‘Eisige Wirklichkeit’ is a bunch of songs combined with a breathtaking artwork. Some say, that’s standard nowadays, but in my opinion Asp and his guys succeed in presenting their works in a way that is way far beyond standard. I don’t even know a further band that is giving away that quantity of presents to their fans without selling crap or old stuff, every fan already calls his own. In fact, ASP always try to let their fans participate within the creative process of releasing a new single or CD. This time, there was a poll where the fans could vote which song will be the “header” of the new single. The decision was not only just a poll for the song itself, because further steps within the production were related to that e.g. the artwork…

The new release is a fulltime CD - almost 74 minutes of music!!! Although there’s plenty of remixes, ‘Eisige Wirklichkeit’ contains alternative versions of other songs. Especially ‘Bald anders’ in collaboration with OUGENWEIDE and ‘Rücken an Rücken’ in a special stripped down piano version are songs that are definitely worth to listen to. Of course, ‘Eisige Wirklichkeit’ is a song full of energy and catchy hook-lines - probably the best indication for that is the decision of the fans to vote that song as a single. Furthermore there are five live performances of several songs on the release that prove APS’s quality of being one of the best live bands in their genre. No doubt at all!

The limited edition comes along with an additional DVD of ASP’s performance at M’era Luna 2011. Although the image quality is not as quite as good as their Unplugged session ‘Von Zaubererbrüdern’, the quality of sound is brilliant as usual. All in all, ‘Eisige Wirklichkeit’ is a release not only for fans but for all listeners that are interested…to be honest: It’s a must have! ‘Nuff said!


01. Eisige Wirklichkeit (Single-Kurzschnitt)
02. Eisige Wirklichkeit (Tanznacht-Version)
03. Rücken an Rücken (Nicht erwünschter Radio-Edit)
04. BaldAnders (Nun anders-Version)
05. FremdkörPerson, erstens (Ab-Schnitt)
06. Rücken an Rücken (Auge in Auge-Remix)
07. Eisige Wirklichkeit (Horror score-Version)
08. Rücken an Rücken (Stripped down piano version)
09. A Prayer for Sanctuary/Wechselbalg (Live, Bochum Matrix)
10. Eisige Wirklichkeit (Live, Bremen Aladin)
11. Rücken an Rücken (Live, München Muffat-Halle)
12. FremdkörPerson, erstens (Live, Hamburg Docks)
13. Unverwandt (Live, Frankfurt Batschkapp)

DVD (only Limited Edition)
01. A Prayer for Sanctuary/Schwarzes Blut
02. Kokon
03. Wechselbalg
04. Und wir tanzten (Ungeschickte Liebesbriefe)
05. Sing Child
06. Schwarzer Schmetterling
07. Denn ich bin der Meister
08. Demütige Ansage
09. Temple of Love
10. Ich bin ein wahrer Satan
11. Werben
12. Biotopia
13. Ich will brennen
14. M’Era Luna Backstage-Interview
15. Fremd-Tour 2011 Backstage-Interview


Asp: Vocals, Programming
Lutz Demmler: Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Mandoline
Andreas “Tossi” Gross : Bass
Oliver “Himmi” Himmighofen: Drums

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asp eisigewirklichkeit


Music: 9
Sound: 10
Extras: 9 (Artwork and DVD with the ltd. Edition)
Total: 9.5 / 10

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